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Improvements to Children after Central Sleep Apnea Treatment

You will observe many improvements in your child’s lifestyle and emotional moods after starting and continuing central sleep apnea treatment for a few weeks.

Central Sleep Apnea in Children

Central sleep apnea is a medical condition wherein your child will stop breathing multiple times during a single night. Of the many sleep disorders, central sleep apnea is one of the most dangerous. Based on severity a number of secondary medical conditions such as tiredness, stokes, blood pressure vacillations and in rare cases even death can occur.

Improvements to Children upon Treatment of Central Sleep Apnea

Scientific study has now proved that central sleep apnea causes the following in children:

Central Sleep Apnea Consequences in Children

  • Tiredness during the day
  • Trouble maintaining attention
  • Behavioural Problems

When central sleep apnea treatment is started and continued for a few weeks, the amount of rest your child will receive during the night will increase (since the apnea attacks will decrease). This increased rest during the night was found to obviate all of the above, improve the behaviour and quality of life of your child.

So even if the starting is tough, make sure your child continues to undergo treatment for central sleep apnea. Within a few weeks you will notice the above changes yourself, which will result in more peace, less work for you.

Definitely do not ignore central sleep apnea

The worst thing to do is to take no action at all and allow central sleep apnea to dictate its own terms.