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Central sleep apnea and other ailments

Central sleep apnea although is a central nervous system disorder and is directly related with sleep and breathing has strong connection with other health ailments as well. With constant researches and studies it was found that there are certain ailments that can trigger central sleep apnea sooner or later in your life. Mental or physical conditions that are directly associated with breathing or sleep can later on prompt other sleep disorders. Following is given an overview of other ailments that might initiate central sleep apnea afterwards.


With the help of studies and researches it is found that patients that are taking medicines for arthritis can suffer from central sleep apnea. The drugs that are taken in arthritis directly affect that part of brain which control respiration. As a result the rate of central sleep apnea is much higher than in normal person.

Bulbar poliomyelitis:

Here again the medicines used directly treat respiratory muscles, thus there is interference in signals sent by brain towards respiratory system. As a result the overall respiratory system is affected and the patient might experience serious symptoms of central sleep apnea.

Cervical spine surgery:

Central sleep apnea and other health ailments.

Back of the brain that is also known as brain stream directly control sleep and respiratory organs. This part consists of back of the brain and the upper part of spinal cord. During surgery if there is some complication, respiratory system is brutally affected as a result patient is vulnerable not just central sleep apnea but also to other sleep disorders.

Neurological disease:

In this category you can include all brain disease like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and others. ┬áThey effect ability of brain of sending and receiving signals and thus affect its capability of controlling sleep and other bodily functions.

Heart disease:

Ailments associated with heart like stroke, attack and heart failure might trigger central sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Medicines used in all heart problems affect respiratory system and sleeping habits of a person simultaneously causing severe central sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

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  1. its really hard to pinpoint the real cause behind central sleep apnea
    but nice article, cheers