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Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Can Be Temporary Or Chronic In Nature

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is nowadays quite frequent and many people are coming up with this problem. This sleep disorder is characterized by disruptions in the internal clock of the body. It not only disrupts the sleep of the patient but also it causes depression and fatigue which hampers a person’s activity in his work and everyday life. It showcases different sleep patterns which are quite elusive and difficult to comprehend. Insomnia is a very common symptom when a person suffers with this disorder. The inflexibility and rigidity in sleep schedule is often known to be the root cause of various sleep disorder.

Sleepwalking Can Be Significant In Both Children And Adults

Sleepwalking – Another Form Of CRSD

Somnambulism often known to us as sleepwalking is also a type of problem that is caused by the interruption in our biological clock. It is often found in children but also it can be in adults too. A person may show different behaviors for example muttering to him/her, suddenly waking up and shouting and even getting dressed or walking out of the home. These behaviors often lead to safety issue of the person. You should always consult about it and doctor may recommend sedatives or other medicines and therapies to help cure this type of sleep disorder.

Non-24 Sleep Wake Syndrome A Chronic Sleep Disorder

Non-24 sleep wake syndrome is very rare but it is a chronic sleep disorder. It results in an delay of an hour time in wake up and sleep timing. This is often caused because of the malfunction of our biological clock and this type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder is often characterized with recurring problems. In this the sleep-wake cycle is often tends to work in the abnormal period of 24(+1) hour. It is much more frequent in the blind as they are not able to entertain light and henceforth becomes victim of this chronic sleep disorder.

Biological Cycle Funtioning

Emotional Imbalance May Or May Not Be A Symptom Of CRSD

The relationship with the psychiatric and emotional imbalance is still cannot be correlated with the circadian rhythm sleep disorder. However, there are many cases which showed a throbbing result of depression and mood disorder in the patients because of the imbalanced working of our biological cycle. Patients have shown different type of anxiety behavior too but they are just significant in number. There are many patients which have showed an impairment of social or occupational activity. There are no particular kinds or symptoms that can showcase a root cause to this sleep disorder. There are studies going on and yet the most important part to be discovered is how you can get a permanent relief from this problem.

Permanent Practical Solution TO CRSD Is Yet To Be Found

As day by day patients with such sleep disorder is increasing, there is a need to find a practical solution to this problem. Repeated mismatch of sleep time and wake up time often makes the patient face social, work and academic problems. Patients with psychological, psychiatric or personality disorder are often neglected or overlooked when they could also be having similar problems. So a standard test needs to be designed so that there is a universal concept in treating the circadian rhythm sleep disorder.