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7 Most Amazing Facts about Dreams

Dreams! Bewildering, mysterious, a nightmarish living hell and sometimes eye-opening: dreams are this and lot more. Dreams are difficult to explain but here are a few interesting facts that you might not have heard ever before.

Fact 1 – You can’t tell the time or read while you dream

Sometimes you are unsure whether it’s real or a dream. To confirm your state try reading something. A vast majority of people are unable to read or tell exact time in their dreams. Each time you look at the clock it tells a different time.

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Fact 2 – Greatest inventions of mankind inspired by dreams


 Dreams were inspiration for many of the highly acknowledged inventions of mankind. A few examples include:

  • Alternating current generator –Tesla
  • Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev
  • The sewing machine -Elias Howe
  • The idea for Google -Larry Page

and many more.

Fact 3 – Déjà vu and precognitive dreams

It’s found in a survey that almost 35% percent of people have experienced at least one precognitive (A future sight – attaining a future information) dream. A few examples are: Abraham Lincoln dreamt of His Assassination, Mark Twain’s dream of his brother’s demise. Similarly 70% of all human being experience déjà vu. People in general have strong belief over precognitive dreams.

Fact 4 – Sleep paralysis – a sleep disorder

If you believe hell is a real thing than it is called sleep paralysis. What is sleep paralysis? Two primary characteristics of sleep paralysis situation are your inability to move (that’s why ‘paralysis’) and sense of a strange person’s presence in the room, typically an evil presence. It seems like 100% real and not a dream. Studies show that during the sleep paralysis attack a person show overwhelming amygdala activity.

Sleep Paralysis

Fact 5 – Amazing sleepwalkers and their adventurous acts

Sleepwalking is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder in which people don’t just act out their dream but they perform real adventures at night. Sleepwalking adventures include:

  • A man drove 22 miles and killed his cousin while sleepwalking.
  • A woman had sex with a strange person while sleep walking.
  • Sleepwalker walked out of his bedroom’s window and barely survived.

Fact 6 – Enhanced brain activity during sleep

We all associate sleep with a quiet, calm and relaxed state, but contrary to our belief our brain remains super active while we sleep. It works harder during sleep than during day and this is the reason we all dream while we sleep. However, a few of us don’t remember our dreams.

Fact – 7 Everyone dreams

Dream is a common phenomenon. We all dream except if we are having extreme psychological disorders. Men and women show different physical reactions and have different dreams. Men tend to see dreams about other men while women dream equally about both the genders. Moreover, men and women both experience sex related physical reactions regardless of whether the nature of the dream is sexual or not.

Final Words

Even though dreams have given a more scientific reasoning by the scientists and experts in the field, a lot of us still fascinated by these mysterious scenes that our brain creates while we sleep. I hope the facts shared in the article will help subdue your curiosity a little. Visit through the website to learn more about sleep, dream and related issues.