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The Relationship Between Sleep Paralysis And Schizophrenia

Introduction Of Two Varied Sleep Disorders

Sleep Paralysis and Schizophrenia, both are sleep disorders and trouble a sufferer when he or she tries to sleep. However, both have different symptoms and there are few similarities too. This article will highlight all the factors on these sleep disorders to elaborate the relationship between sleep paralysis and schizophrenia. Basically, Sleep paralysis is a kind of paralysis which makes a person incapable to move for a while after wakening up from sleep or onset sleep. This problem does not remain for long, but lasts in few minutes. While Schizophrenia is also a sleep disorder, but it creates sleeping problems. In this sleep disorder, a patient gets complex dreaming and sometimes, they show hallucination and imagery symptoms too.

Sleep Disorders – How Sleep Paralysis Troubles A Patient?

As earlier said that a patient with sleep paralysis feel incapable in making movements after waking up from sleep or onset sleep. This disorder is characterized as sleep parasomnia and it is believed that anxiety causes this problem. This sleep disorder is not a respiratory illness and only troubles for some minutes. After few minutes of sleep paralysis attack, the patient becomes normal. This sleep disorder is associated some horrible dream images. Sometimes, sleep paralysis can be of narcoleptic tetrad form, however sometimes, it develops in isolated form.

Schizophrenia & Its Complexity


It is such a critical disorder. However, there is no sure cause of this sleep disorder. But, it is said that genes have a great role in this illness that means, if any of your family member has this problem, there are chances for you to develop schizophrenia sleep disorder. This illness troubles men and women both equally. Generally, it occurs in teen age, young age or adult age. Studies have stated that it can be occurred in old age as well. In women, the problem is milder than men.

Connection Between Sleep Paralysis & Schizophrenia

The main similarity between these two sleep disorders i.e. sleep paralysis and schizophrenia is that; both appear in early twenties and lately in teens. The changes in hormones are a cause of both of these sleeps disorders. These disorders make a person unconscious for a while, but after sometime, the sufferer does not feel any problem in doing various activities. In both disorders, a sufferer gets complications while sleeping. These are quite frightening situation for a sufferer’s life.  Therefore, it must be treated up seriously immediately after being confirmed about the same.

Cope Up With Sleep Paralysis And Schizophrenia Type Of Sleep Disorders

These are problems which do not affect our routine life. That is why; many sufferers do not care much about these illnesses. But it can be more complex if you ignore it for long. So, it is necessary for you to get these sleep disorders to be treated up under an expert’s supervision. To alleviate these disorders, a patient should change lifestyle. Reduction in sugar and caffeine should avoid. A proper schedule for sleeping should be maintained. Some anxiety drugs like chlorpromazine and haloperidol are beneficial for curing these sleep disorders.



  1. Schizophernia is not a sleep disorder. In sleep paralysis such as hallucinations only happening while sleeping and over when the person wakes up its not a mental illness its a sleep disorder unlike schizophrenia where its during day while being awake and having other major symptoms its a mental disorder

    • your right, schizophrenia is a mental disorder not about sleep, but it is possible to have sleeping issues with it. But, sleep-paralysis can go arm and arm with schizophrenia if the person with schizophrenia has positive symptoms(Hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders, and movement disorders. Emphasis on hallucinations and movement disorders). So you are right and wrong.