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Control Your Sleep And Not Let Sleep Control You

Nowadays there are millions of people who are suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome. This is an acute problem to employees working late night shifts. They tend to work against their natural sleep cycle and suffer from insomnia. As we all know that circadian rhythm makes us fall asleep. It stimulates the release of melatonin when its dark, which gives us a good night sleep. However, people who work in night shifts tends to have the irregularity of their sleep phase.

Understanding Sleep Disorder

Irregular Sleeping Hours Due To Different Time Zones Travel

Sleep disorder could be because of following:-

  • Irregular working hours
  • Drinking habits
  • Smoking
  • Frequent travel causing Jet-Lag

These are quite a lot responsible for killing your natural cycle of sleep. Sleep disorder in simple words, refers to the disturbances or a change in your body’s internal clock. Internal clock has its natural way to stimulate our sleeping times. It acts upon the natural light and darkness to secrete chemical in our body to function our sleep cycle. This sleep disorder is often termed as the circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

Sleep Disorder Kinds

There are mainly two kinds of sleep disorders which could be classified on two different categories that is internal sleep syndrome and external sleep syndrome.

Irregular Sleep Due To Drinking And Depression

Internal sleep syndrome is a kind that occurs from malfunctioning of our internal body clock. This could be from irregular pattern of sleep. This mainly consists of sleeping early but not able to wake up early. Having no sleep timings, often found in teenagers. Naps at irregular time of the day especially in noon time often leads to disturbed pattern of REM and henceforth resulting in sleep disorder.

External sleep syndrome is caused due to a change in time shifts. In simple words it happens when you travel to different time zones. Jet-lag and irregular night shifts at workplace are few of  the best examples.

Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sleep

  • Follow fixed timings for your sleep.
  • Make sure that you don’t drink alcohol because it disturbs your sleep cycle.
  • Have enough sleep of 8 hours.
  • Sleeping pills could benefit but it may prove fatal if taken for a longer period.
  • Bright light therapy is also beneficial. It helps in regulating sleeping cycle.
  • Make sure to turn off your cell phone when you sleep.
  • Limit the usage of caffeine especially in evening hours.

If you’ll invest your time in developing these habits, it might give you a solution to your sleeping problems. So it’s very necessary to understand what kind of sleep disorder are you suffering with and then going for its remedy.

You Can Do It!!

Well this is the most optimistic approach to do things. Developing better sleep habits helps in regulating your body’s clock functioning. It seems hard for everyone to control their sleep disorders and they often suffer from depression, drowsiness at work and so forth. However, if you start working hard on the pros of your sleeping habits, you might be able to cope up with that in a very short period of time. So try and believe and just don’t give up.