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CPAP Aromatherapy

CPAP Aromatherapy is the use of pleasant smells or aromas to make CPAP therapy more enjoyable.

What is Aromatherapy?

Scientifically speaking, aromatherapy is the use of compounds which are aromatic or essential oils which smell great in order to alter a person’s state of mind along with his or her general mood. This alteration is generally positive as long as the aromas used are in congruence with the patient.

What is CPAP Aromatherapy?

The Compounds and Oils used in CPAP Aromatherapy

CPAP Aromatherapy involves the use of the above stated essential oils and aromatic compounds to make CPAP therapy easier and more enjoyable. In this therapy, the essential oils and compounds will be introduced into the airflow of pressurized air by the use of a diffuser pad or machine. Your CPAP machine sucks in air through a filter, where the air is cleaned of dust etc, and then your machine will proceed to pressurize the air after which the air will be delivered into your air passageway through a tube and CPAP mask. CPAP aromatherapy involves the placement of a diffuser pad exactly behind the CPAP filter. Thus when your CPAP sucks in the air, it will also suck in the aromatic compounds or essential oils and deliver them to your nose where their effect will be noticed immediately.

The aroma diffuser pad is basically a pad upon which you will add your scent of interest. This pad will store the compounds or oils and slowly let them diffuse from its surface into the surrounding environment. Thus when the diffuser pad is kept near the CPAP sir filter, it will allow for continuous flow of aromatic compounds into the airflow for prolonged periods. Therefore even if you only add a little bit of oil into the diffuser pad, you will enjoy the benefits of CPAP aromatherapy throughout the night.