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Negatives of CPAP Mask Drooling

CPAP Mask drooling while not a serious medical condition, can be irritating and cause a few problems.

What is CPAP Mask Drooling?

If you have a habit of breathing through your mouth, your sleeping posture is bad or if you are using medication which causes the production of excess saliva you may suffer from drooling (a phenomenon where the saliva produced in the mouth instead of being swallowed into the stomach, is removed from the mouth into your bed or pillow).

Negatives of CPAP Mask Drooling

The negatives of CPAP Mask drooling

CPAP Mask drooling has the following negatives:

  1.  Embarrassing: The first and most irritating point of drooling is that when you wake up you will be literally in a puddle of your own saliva. This can be extremely disgusting and a turn off to other sleeping besides you.
  2. Smelly: Excessive CPAP Mask drooling will cause your pillow case, your bed spread to start smelling. So you will have to clean your sheets every single day, to maintain cleanliness.
  3. Lung Problems: In rare cases, excessive CPAP Mask drooling can cause the saliva to be breathed into your lungs (this can be dangerous since the saliva once exposed to the environment contains harmful bacteria which can cause a lung infection.

Usually this condition does not cause any of the above problems, and there are many methods to stop CPAP mask drooling and obviate the negatives, so there is no need to worry.

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