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Cure Insomnia during Pregnancy | Ways to Deal with Insomnia

Insomnia can haunt a lot of women during pregnancy. For some there is a minor disturbance to sleep and for others it is a more serious problem depriving mother and child from sleep which is needed so very much. The causes for insomnia during pregnancy vary and this is the reason why it is important, as a first step, to pin point the exact reason behind the insomnia before trying to apply whatever treatment.

One of the cause behind insomnia at the time of pregnancy is the increase of frequency or the occurrence of particular types of sleep disorders. Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, for example, are more likely to occur during pregnancy and this can surely lead to a poorer quality sleep if one manages to sleep at all.

About Medication for Insomnia during Pregnancy

Pregnant woman sleeping

There are a number of things a pregnant woman can do to tackle the problem, however, very often people resort to medication rather quickly and this is not necessarily a good thing because there is not enough evidence to confirm that the modern medications are completely safe especially in this special time, so a good advice would be to try out the natural or home remedies and avoid tablets or medicines as much as possible. I found through my research that 10%+ of birth defects are caused by various drugs used by the mother at the time of the pregnancy.

Actually a vast majority of women suffer from this problem during and even just prior to their pregnancy. The figure is rather large, something in the region of 70-80% of all women and the causes do not only include sleep disorders, but also many other like pains, heartburn, hormonal changes, etc.

Ways to Deal with Insomnia during Pregnancy

So all that said let us look at some options for curing insomnia during pregnancy. A range of causes originate with being uncomfortable or unable to fully relax and be at peace due to the growing abdomen and, of course, all the stress and anxiety associated with becoming a mother. Therefore, various things to help you relax can help you sleep. These are:

Cures for relaxation:

  • A warm bath will calm your system and help reduce stress
  • Scented candles can help create a pleasant environment
  • Relaxing music or sounds of nature like birds or water, especially when mixed in with a relaxation meditation can make you fall asleep without even you noticing
  • Room temperature is of vital importance because we do not sleep well in a very warm environment, so set it warm enough to feel comfortable but cold enough to feel great wrapped inside your bed

Cures for discomfort:

Other Ways to Deal:

  • Light can be a problem. As we use various sources of light our body clock can become disturbed if we do not have disciplined hours of sleep. So the least you can do is dim the lights some time before going to sleep because the bright light will signal to the body that it is still daytime, when in reality it is not.

Pregnant woman sleeping

  • Receiving a massage either from a professional or simply from your partner can help sooth out various tense parts of your body.
  • Reading an interesting book in bed can help get your mind away from thoughts which stress you out and this should facilitate you sleeping.
  • Fresh air and being active is very beneficial also for being able to get good sleep, so if you tend to be at home a lot, laying in bed or on the couch watching TV, get out, get some fresh air, move your body to increase the blood circulation.
  • If you lack sleep and feel like taking a nap during the day then go ahead, but do not make it a practice because one or more small naps during the day may make it difficult for you to fall asleep at the correct hours. It would be better if you respect same hours for sleep. This way your body can get learn it as a habit and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

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I hope this article “Cure Insomnia during Pregnancy | Ways to Deal with Insomnia” was interesting and helpful to you. As mentioned try out the natural cures first and check out different pillows for better sleep during pregnancy.