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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome | A Sleep Disorder Which Is Not Age Specific

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our life. Our body needs to relax after working all day. Sleep cannot be compromised as it will have negative aspect on your body. Due to advancement in technology, work techniques and night lifestyle, a lot of people have changed their way of living. Most of the people tend to work at night and sleep at daytime which has hampered their circadian rhythm, which is mainly responsible for controlling sleep in our body. So maintaining a sleep discipline is very necessary or else many people have fallen into the trap of various sleep disorders out of which delayed sleep phase disorder is the most common.

DSPS Is Not Age Specific

Pressure Of Studies May Also Alter Your Sleeping Habits

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is not age specific. However, many cases are noted in teenagers. They are mostly at risk of this sleep disorder. Pressure of studies and night life fashion has made them very prone to alter their sleeping habits. The circadian rhythm often gets changed due to this regular pattern of irregular sleep. They become night owls and even when they want to fall asleep early they are not able to as their sleep-wake cycle is usually altered by a delay of 1 to 2 hours.

Natural Treatments For DSPS

Delayed sleep phase syndrome can be treated and there are many types of procedures and therapies available to treat it. For example few common ones are bright light therapy and Chronotherapy. But it’s important to note that you cannot be dependent on such treatments for your life. You should insist on making changes in your sleeping pattern. The most common thing you can practice is to avoid taking nap in the afternoon. This will make your body a bit tired and you might be able to get sleep early. You should practice it every day to adjust your biological clock to the normal 24-hour schedule.

Calcium And Magnesium Are Natural Sedatives

Chamomile Tea Helps In Increasing Sleep

Sleeping pills and other medical tablets may not prove good to your health. They always make you habitual to take them instead you can always try taking natural supplements rich in calcium and magnesium. They are good sedative agent and promote sleep. You may also intake tea made from Chamomile which helps in increasing sleep and also relaxes your body. Aromatherapy is also a good therapy to relax your body as stress is also one of the main reasons for delayed sleep phase syndrome sleep disorder.

Do Not Let DSPS Grow

Delayed sleep phase syndrome if not treated at the initial stages then it could be converted into insomnia. Every sleep disorder is dangerous as without proper scheduled sleep you might become a victim of depression and also it can harm your memory power. Melatonin tablets can also be used if you are not able to get proper results from natural therapies but it should be taken under the guidance of your doctor. So don’t overstress your body and keep it away from sleep as it will eventually be harmful to your health and maintaining proper sleep hygiene is the best way to have a control over DSPS.