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Does A Head Injury Can Cause Disruption Of Circadian Rhythm

Changing Lifestyle And Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a major threat to most teens and adults due to the changing lifestyle. The disruption in body’s internal biological clock is very tedious to correct and requires a lot of lifestyle changes. With the pressure of living a rich life, people try to work more and sleep less. Such an attitude has created many health issues and in the recent time there has been an alarming rise in the number of patients complaining of sleep issues like insomnia, delayed sleep phase disorder, sleep apnea and many more. To help curb such sleep disorders, it’s important that you do not deprive yourself from a quality sleep.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Increases Triglycerides

A Head Injury May Cause Disruption Of Circadian Rhythm

Recent studies have revealed that circadian rhythm sleep disorder may trigger the increase of triglycerides. Triglycerides are also commonly known as the bad cholesterol of the body. Any higher amount of it may create serious health issues. According to the medical terms, they are a type of fat that are presents in the blood. To some extent, triglycerides are important for your body but their higher accumulation leads to heart risk. The normal range of triglycerides should be below 150 and higher level starts from 200 and above. Hence, it’s important for you to have a blood check up, if you are a victim of any type of sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorders Also Affect Your Longevity

Sleep is an important element of life and if you are depriving it, than you are just making yourself vulnerable to various kinds of health problems. The human body is made to work in a 24 hour schedule out of which 6 to 7 hours of sleep is a necessity for its efficient and effective running. Longevity is also another important aspect associated with a good sleep. If you have chronic insomnia type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder than it becomes very necessary to follow the right treatment, as it can hamper you from a living a quality life and also reduces longevity.

Get The Right Treatment

There are various treatments available for the correction of the disrupted biological clock but it becomes very important for you to analyze as to what type of sleep disorder you are suffering with. Right treatment is based upon the symptoms you show. Sometimes, you may undergo a insomnia treatment but still you are not able to get any relief this may be due to the wrong findings. For this, sleep study is a very good instrument to record your sleeping habits and derive the most appropriate conclusion. After a sleep study test, you can know what type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder you are suffering with.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Are Commonly Associated With Mild Head Injuries

Apart from the regular work shift culture and busy lifestyle, sleep disorders can also be associated with mild head injuries. According to the American Academy of Neurology, it has been studied that more than 50 to 60 percent of patients suffers with insomnia type of sleep disorders after having mild head injuries. Also, such patients develop other health related issues such as severe headache and migraines due to no or less sleep. So it’s very important to analyze the circadian rhythm sleep disorder for the right solution at the right time.