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Lack Of Morning Light And Teenagers Sleep

Inadequate Morning Light Exposure May Affect Teenage Sleep

Circadian clock which is also considered as body clock of human, works according to external lights. As per circadian clock, when human body clock finds dark atmosphere, it alarms human brain to sleep and also alarms to wake up when it gets into contact of morning light. However, it is found that those teenagers who do not get sufficient morning light face problem like circadian rhythm sleep disorder. The insufficient morning light can be a reason of several facts like room environment or interior that does not allow much light to enter in a room.

Morning Light Stimulates Biological System

Being indoors, teenagers cannot find enough morning light exposure. That is why; their body misses the light which helps stimulating their biological system for 24 hours. When the biological system gets stimulated, it regulates the waking and sleeping cycle in proper way. To provide proof to this fact, Prof. Marjana Figueiro has made some experiments and after completing with experiment, the new study has come up in light. For this experiment, Dr. Marjana has conducted a test with teenagers deprived from morning light. Those teenagers have gone to their beds later. The constant condition of sleep deprivation in teenagers was called night owl syndrome later.

Circadian Clock Disruption

Lack Of Morning Light Keeping Teenagers Up At Night

The problem of biological rhythm or circadian clock disruption is getting increased in modern teenagers and the reason for the same is rigid schedule of children. The schools are scheduled very early in the morning. Due to such early timing of schools, teenagers are forced to not to get into the contact of morning light. They have to get up early and reach at school before sun rises. It makes teenagers face issues of morning light disruption which ultimately leads to circadian clock disturbance. Following such rigid schedule, they get caught up in circadian rhythm sleep disorder. This disorder unbalances their 24 hours cycle for sleeping or waking.

Horrible Effects Of Damage Body Clock

When the circadian clock gets damaged, it does not only cause sleep disorders, but there are quite horrible issues which can affect one. Though, the main function of body clock is to regulate sleep or wake cycle in human beings, but it has greater value than just being a regulator of sleeping cycle. In case, this body clock gets damaged it may cause issues in body temperature, appetite, sleeping patterns, hormones and alertness. All these factors have a great role in teenager’s complete development. This system works more actively than any other visual system. The clock is quite sensitive to blue colored light.

Reduce Consequences Of Circadian Rhythm Disruption With Light Therapy

Indeed, the impact of morning light is great in teenagers, but if for any reason, your teenagers suffer from circadian rhythm sleep disorder, then light therapy is the best alternative to reduce the effects of this teenage sleep disorder. All those who suffer from sleep disorders caused by body clock disruption, this therapy is like panacea for them. In addition to it, doing some alteration in light timings and areas, you can surely synchronize the waking and sleeping cycle by which your sleep disorders will get improved.