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Body weight, Metabolism And Clock Genes

Increased Body Weight Can Affect Circadian Clock

The issue of obesity in today’s people is quite popular causing different sorts of health problems. As per recent studies, it is found that body weight can affect circadian clock too that encourage healthy sleep and wake cycle. Body weight is connected to metabolism and clock genes. Therefore, if you suffer from body weight problem, then you should get immediate treatment because it can also affect your circadian clock. Obesity is a problem that does not spare anyone. It affects people of all social classes and ages.

Several Causes Behind Body Weight

Body weight problem does not occur on its own, but there can be varied causes behind. Today, it is considered as the biggest and the most serious health disorder affecting number of people. The principal cause of body weight is diets with high calorie, increased availability of food, sedentary lifestyle and so on. Recent studies about obesity have concluded that intracellular mechanism can trigger metabolism disturbances and body weight in certain way. On this discovery, some researchers suggest that modification in wake and sleep pattern and the behavior of feeding that are related to 24 hours lifestyles can surely benefit for body weight issue.

Environmental Events And Body Clock

Circadian Clock & Its Important Functions

Circadian Rhythm particularly is referred as biological events which help regulating human body for 24 hour continually. Basically, circadian clock works following endogenous mechanism. It is composed of circadian clock and includes peripheral clocks and central clock which locates in SCN. It is referred as intrinsic molecular mechanisms which encourage organism adapt to environmental changes. This clock is adjusted to several environmental events like night and day cycle. A healthy clock ensures about fine functioning of behavioral and physiological rhythms for 24 hours.

Circadian Clock & Its Role On Various Body Functioning

Although, there is no clear view on circadian clock and its functions, yet the researches are still on. After depth study about circadian clock, the peripheral role has been seen in lipids and glucose. This study has also shown that adipocyte has an integral role in energy homeostasis, endocrine system, and proliferation, satiety signaling and differentiating cells. The clock of adipose cells sometimes involves in various functions like induction of obesity onset and intensification its consequences or causes. Thus, this review shows that circadian clock can affect entire body functions. So, we can consider it a responsible element for obesity development.

High Importance Of Circadian Clock

Circadian clock is one of the most important elements in not only human body but for animals as well as plants. It facilitates evolution that anticipates several regulatory, behavioral mechanisms and physiological mechanisms which enhance the survival chances of the species and the individuals. It is a noted fact that organism reaction always occurs at a particular time in a day. However, some alterations in daytime activities like rest or activities time changes, feeding behavior and hormonal behavior can surely change the time of organism reaction by circadian clock.