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Circadian Rhythms and Zeitgebers – Great Aspects For Sleeping Pattern

Circadian Rhythm – A Necessity For Human Body

The cases of circadian rhythm sleep disorder are increasing these days due to several reasons. Mainly, it is required for timely sleeping habit. The patients of circadian rhythm sleep disorder do not feel ease in sleeping or waking up at normal time. Our body has a clock inside that clock is called as circadian rhythm and when this clock indicates human body about sleeping or waking, they start following that alarm and react accordingly. If they develop circadian rhythm sleep disorder, they body clock does not work properly and that causes irregular sleeping habit.

Knowing Exact Meaning Of Zeitgeber

It works like environmental agent that offers human body clock setting and resetting cue. Its input is required for being synchronized with environment. There are different sorts of zeitgeber available in our environment wherein light is one of highly important one. In addition to it, we can include social factors, activities and chemical factors too as zeitgebers. These zeitgeber are of two types – photic and non-photic. In given examples of zeitgeber, activity is considered to be a non- photic type and light is a photic type of zeitgeber.

Circadian Rhythms Sleep Disorder In Deficiency Of Zeitgebers

Circadian Rhythms And Zeitgebers

From ancient studies, it has discovered that in olden times, when mankind cloisters in dense forests in caves and separated from outer zeitgebers, the body clock starts regulating on inner neurological mechanism. In case, a person lives in such atmosphere deprived from zeitgebers, the clock extends by 26-32 hours. This extended time based on age and individual predisposition. In general, it has seen that teenager have longer circadian rhythm than adult people. This study shows that teen age people are used to sleep late night and adults have shorter cycle which causes them to sleep earlier.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder:The Way Zeitgebers Affect Body Clock

With the changes of seasons, the day shifts automatically inform organisms of human body about the right biological activities time that include waking and sleeping activities. According to specialists of body clock and rhythms, the strongest zeitgebers are light and temperature. This body clock is regulated by numerous neurological structures and mechanisms wherein suprachiasmatic nucleus is main among others. The hypothalamus structure uses various light cues that develop from retina to operate these rhythms. In return, it affects neural structures for stimulating various activities including hunger, wakefulness, sleep and temperature of human body.

Regulating Sleep By Using Zeitgebers

In a normal human being, sleeping cycle regulates easily through zeitgebers which manipulate body clock. Sleeping and waking up on right time daily and at the same time, making control over temperature and light of sleep place on particular schedule regulates the human brain for releasing inducing hormones that required to sleep at right time. The accurate body clock regulation allows individuals to stimulate their sleep onset naturally at a predictable and regular time. It is indeed a healthy, free of drugs and natural way for developing healthy sleeping and waking up pattern and no circadian rhythm sleep disorder.