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How Does Circadian Cycle Work When You Travel To Another Time Zone

How Does Change In Time Zone Can Cause Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Have you ever given a thought that frequent travel to different time zone can make you suffer with circadian rhythm sleep disorder? Well this is true, our circadian rhythm, the central processing unit of our sleep can alter its mechanism with a change in light, temperature and time zones. You must have noticed that it takes a while to adjust your sleep, when you travel to a new time zone. When there is a time shift, your circadian rhythm also alters itself. Sleep cycle is the main internal process that regulates our circadian rhythm. It helps to remain active in the day and fall to sleep at night. However, it is very sensitive. Your circadian rhythm can be easily disrupted on any changes in temperature, heart rate and level of alertness. Our body temperature and reaction time are the main constituents that inflict our circadian rhythm.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder While Traveling To Another Zone

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder associated with traveling to different time zones is most commonly known as jet lag. When you are traveling from one time zone to another, your circadian rhythm requires some time for getting adjusted with the new time zone. The time taken to adjust your circadian rhythm can be a bit unpleasant for you. You may undergo some problems such as insufficient sleep, excessive sleep or very low level of alertness performing daytime activities. Also, any unbalance in the light and dark times can shift your circadian rhythm and you may suffer with sleeping problems or issues.

Tips That Can Help You Minimize Jet Lag Effect To Safeguard Your From Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Below are some simple and useful tips that can help you to minimize the effect of jet lag.

  • Book a flight that has an evening schedule arrival. Make sure that you try to sleep in your normal hours and do not over sleep.
  • Few weeks before your departure, try to sleep according to the time zone you’ll be travelling to.
  • Tips To Minimize Jet Lag Effect

    When you have boarded the flight, make sure that you change the time of your watch according to the new time zone.

  • While in the flight, do not intake coffee, alcohol or any caffeine product at least four to five hours before bedtime. Caffeine products prevent you from falling asleep.
  • When you have arrived at your destination, try to eat light food. Do not intake any caffeine product at this time too.
  • Do not perform any kind of heavy exercise in the evening.
  • Make sure you carry headphones and blindfolds to avoid any disturbance while sleeping. Prevent exposure to light.
  • Try to get the natural sunlight as it helps to adjust your circadian clock more effectively.
  • Do not stay indoors. Being indoors worsens jet lag type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

Avoid stress as it can also be another major factor for the disruption of your biological clock and you may have trouble sleeping.  Jet lag type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder is easy to overcome if you follow above mentioned easy tips.