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Avoid Travel Related Stress To Reduce Possible Effects Of Jet Lag

Whenever we have to travel overseas we get scared with two dreaded words which may not sound horrific to the ears, but are terrible when experienced, the words are ‘jet leg’. Every day thousands of travelers fight against one of the most widespread sleep disorders — jet lag. We may like it or not but we all get it. It is that awful feeling of disorder and fatigue that comes about as a consequence of a long distance journey, especially one that involves travelling to a new time zone. Jet lag can often steel several precious days of your vacation or overseas journey.

Travelling Across Different Time Zones

Body Has To Adopt The Pattern Of New Time Zone

Jet lag can cost you a lot. Suppose you are on a business trip, you may miss an important deal as you are not able to concentrate completely on your work due to jet lag. And if you have crossed overseas for vacation, jet lag may kill the joy of your fun and relaxation. There is no fun when your brain is confused and your body is aching on every joint due to irregular pattern it has to adopt adjusting with the new time zone. Jet lag is not an exceptional case it is actually quite common. Flight attendants who may be considered as frequent travelers get a jet lag.

What Causes Jet Lag?

  • Crossing time zones is a biggest reason behind jet lag. Going across different time zones, especially passing through two or more time zones causes jet lag and its related symptoms. Jet lag is more observed on going across west to east, but east to west is not completely safe you may get jet lag even crossing this zone.
  • Preflight stress makes you run around and instead of getting rest a night before the journey you rush around trying to get ready for the flight.
  • Avoid Alcohol During A Flight To Reduce Jet Lag Effects

    Airline cabin pressure is many time higher than the ground pressure. Also, air in the airplane is not healthy to breathe; it re-circulated over and over again and become stale. When we breathe this stale air for longer period of time we get headache and become sleepy.

  • On a long distance journey, alcoholic drinks are very much preferred to pass time and relax. But it’s the tendency of an alcoholic drink to affect the body three times more then usual while body is on the air. Your body may not afford the same 2-3 drinks that you take regularly at home while you are flying and may give you fatigue and sleepiness.

You Can Reduce The Effects Of Jet Lag

You might be looking for a solution. It is actually not difficult to reduce the effects of jet lag if we cannot eliminate it completely. The best would be to plan ahead and get enough sleep especially the night before the journey. Avoid alcohol, even caffeine and soda should be avoided as they also contribute to jet lag. Drink a lot of bottle water. Get up and move around on regular intervals, sitting in a confined place for long hours add to the misery of getting jet lag. Be a little cautious and don’t let jet leg steel away the pleasure of your journey.