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How to Avoid Jet Lag?

How to avoid Jet lag is the main question pop up in the mind of people flying across time zones. When a person flying across the different time zones, then it takes time to his/her body to get adjusted. In the while, a person suffers from unpleasant health problems, including confusion, constipation, fatigues, diarrhea and insomnia. Luckily, there are some effective aspects one should consider and execute to avoid jet lag. Let us discuss a few of them

How to Avoid Jet Lag?

Make your body ready for time zone change

Preparing your body is very crucial when the time zones are changing. For that you have to push back your schedule one hour back or forward, depending on the place where you are going. As much as the time zones you are flying across, the earlier you will have to begin. This provides the body a prospect to adjust the new time accordingly.

Drink sufficient amount of fluids to be hydrated

Drink Enough Fluids

Drink plenty of fluids on the day when you are traveling on a flight. This is because you may feel dehydrated, which is a common symptom of jet lag. Avoid any beverages having caffeine or alcohol in them as it will be more harmful.

Develop your sleeping pattern accordingly

If at your destination, it is daylight, then do not sleep on the plane and if it is night time then try to sleep. For that you can use eye shades, ear plugs and turn the valve of air conditioner that can help you to fall asleep by utilizing less time.

Ask doctor about short acting medication, if the flight period is lengthy

Whether you are looking for shift work disorder medication or short acting medication, taking advice from a physician is very crucial. Many people find this aspect very useful because if you need sleep traveling on the plane, ensure to book a roomier seat. This is because if you book a narrow economy seat there is a little leg room which does not enable you to sleep in a peaceful manner.

Have a light snack

Avoiding airplane food is a good decision as the food there is generally served on the particular time zone, not on the one which is your new destination. Even if you are hungry, have a light snack during the time that would be mealtime at your new destination.

Have a Light Snack During the Time

Traveling to a new time zone is certainly a great experience, but there are many changes that you have to take on. Gradually, it is not as difficult as it seems. By starting a slight change on your schedule, slowly, you can apt new ways on how to avoid jet lag in an effective way.