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Is Social Jet Lag Making You Fat

Weight Gain – One Of Circadian Clock Disorder Effect

Worrying about your bulge around your body caused by quick weight gain and you feel your professional life is the root cause of this issue. If yes, then this article is worth for you. Circadian clock can surely influence weight gain issue. The biggest cause of circadian clock disruption is the inactivity of desk job. The habit of eating raw food on irregular times develops the problems like circadian clock disruption that leads to weight gain. As per new sleep studies, it is found that discrepancy in social clock and circadian clock leads to social jetlag which puts a person to increased risk of weight gain.

Varied Schedules Of Weekdays and Weekend Can Cause Social Jet Lag Issue

The issue of social jet lag in people with different sleep schedules of weekends and weekdays has seen higher than people with normal and healthy sleep habits. Those people who suffer from social jet lag have found complaining for weight gain that may be a result of circadian clock disruption caused by social jet lag. The term social jet lag was coined in Europe and it means discrepancy between social clock and circadian clock that exist in our body. Thus, here we mean that if you are a person who takes help of an alarm to wake you up in the morning in weekdays and you don’t use wake up alarm on weekends that is a certain sign of mismatched sleep schedule that causes social jet lag.

Excessive Sleep In Weekend Disrupts Circadian Clock And Invites social Jet Lag

The working schedule demands for waking up early in the morning and on the same time, body needs more time to sleep. Though, one has to wake up with the help of alarm clock in the mid of biological night and to fulfill the need of sleep, one takes excessive sleep on weekends. But such habit can cause big problem to a person encouraging social jet lag because in this process body shuttles back and forth in different time zones each week and on other side, one becomes sleep deprived.

Social Jet Lag Does Not Only Cause Poor Sleep, But Can Make You Fat

As it is known that social jet lag disrupts circadian clock and its functions causing unhealthy eating habits and dizziness throughout the day. This condition can be a big reason of weight gain. When a person sleeps late at night, he develops habit of eating late night food. Additionally, when working in office, one eats raw food or snacks etc. that are rich in fats. Therefore, we can say social jet lag can encourage bad health as well as weight gain.

Go To Bed Faster & Sleep Deeper

For having better and full sleep at night, it is mandatory for you to leave your office work at your office desk and when you are at home, then give some time to enjoy your family life. Stressing about work will not allow you to relax as you actually want. Making some boundaries around your personal and professional life is highly essential to set up a right and healthy schedule. Only this way you can stay away from effects of social jet lag. Once you manage your circadian clock, weight gain can never trouble you for sure.