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Is There Any Correlation Between Depression, Diabetes And Sleep Disorders

Impact Of Globalization On People’s Lifestyle

With globalization we have exchanged many things with other world, but the thing which we got into the trade along, is sleep disorders. Today, if we check around; the ‘night life’ thing is very much in trend and is now popular not only among youngsters but also with the mid- age people. In the 1900’s people use to work only during mornings, but now; days and nights have become one. Earlier, shift work was not as common as it is nowadays. With globalization a work culture has come into the existence that people now work in various shifts to catch-up with different time zones. This ultimately disrupts their body’s circadian clock and eventfully they fall into the trap of one or the other sleep disorders.

Identify The Symptom Of Sleep Disorders At The Earliest

We all know what sleep disorders is, but many people are not able to understand its symptoms, as the life which we lead is so hectic, that we hardly give importance to sleep. Many of us must have faced trouble getting a proper sleep, but one should get alert if this keeps on continuing (weeks, months or years), as it can be a sleep disorder. It not only causes sleeplessness but gives you negative energy which impacts adversely on your body and mind.  How can one detect sleeplessness?  If one feels irritated or sleepy in day time, facing problem to stay awake while reading or watching television, tend to fall asleep while driving or traveling, feel like taking nap in every interval of time, requires caffeinated drinks to stay awake then he/she has fallen a prey to sleep disorder.

Depression – The Root Cause Of Sleeplessness

Depression And Sleep Disorders Are Interlinked With Each Other

There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know what depression is! The materialistic life which we all human lives have introduced us to a new term called ‘depression’. A decade ago, depression word was not popular, but today it is popular even among the children, isn’t that shocking?  There are different reasons for depression for each individual, but what we need to know are the effects, like a person would feel hopeless, be sad all the time, sleep disorder, has no interest in his job and his surroundings; if the depression is major its effects are considered to be as bad as diabetes.

Can Diabetes Be A Reason For Your Sleep Disorders?

Yes, it is true diabetes leads to sleep disorder. The major reason behind it is when the blood sugar in the body increases a lot, the kidney try to get rid of that by urinating, because of which a diabetic patient feels like urinating very often, which leads to disturbance in the sleep. It is said that diabetes and sleep loss go hand in hand. In many cases it is found that sleeplessness causes diabetes.

Connection Between Depression, Diabetes And Sleep Disorders

We know that sleep disorders can cause lot of angst, irritation, loss of interest which eventually leads to depression. Also we saw above how sleep loss is connected to diabetes. It is said that diabetes and depression both go hand in hand. It is said that people who suffer from depression have higher level of stress which leads to increased insulin resistance which in turn causes diabetes. And on other side people who suffer from diabetes, have to change their food habits, lifestyles which leads to depression. Hence there is a strong link between depression, diabetes and sleep disorders.