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Sleep Better and Feel Better – Take Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Seriously

The sleep wake cycle in human is regulated and controlled by the circadian rhythm and the disorders affecting the normal functioning of this rhythm is known as circadian rhythm disorder. It can show multiple symptoms but often it results in the malfunctioning of our biological clock. Persons suffering from it often suffer from the inflexibility to sleep at desired time and wake up at the desired time in the morning. They often force themselves to sleep but become victims of sleepiness, fatigue, depression or headache.

Are You Finding Yourself Socially Awkward?

People with circadian rhythm sleep disorder often are not able to perform good either at work or socially. In our day to day life there are many things that affect the normal sleep routines. Primarily following are few reasons:-

  • Shift work
  • Frequent different time zone travel
  • Exposure to bright light at night

The pathological evidence is not acute but there are multiple symptoms that can reveal that a person is suffering with a sleep disorder. It could be due to following factors:-

  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Environmental and biological

These are some factors that show the tendency of sleep disorder in human but they also vary as it’s very important to know the duration of the disorder. It cannot be judge if you are having trouble at sleeping for a month but at least six month is a valid time to draw some conclusions about it.

Late Night Parties Can Also Affect Your Sleep Cycle

There has been no specific age group suffering with circadian rhythm. However, there are conclusions drawn after studies that people in the age group of 15-54 years. It often begins in childhood as most of the time they exhaust themselves preparing for examinations and depriving breaking their normal sleep cycle to put in extra hours for their project work or anything related with their career. It has also been seen that modern day life also has created a great impact. Watching television late at night, playing video games, night work and parties have all resulted in a delay of sleep timing as well as wake up time.

Melatonin And Bright Light Treatments

Bright light therapy is one of the most effective treatments for people suffering with circadian rhythm sleep disorder. It is a common observance that exposure to bright light can dramatically influence the phase of the circadian rhythm. Morning light plays an important role and is mainly responsible for activating biological sleep-wake cycle. Systematic and chronological treatment often helps in changing the biological cycle again to its normal functioning.

Melatonin treatment is also a good advice. But it should be taken under supervision and often you need to follow some guideline to follow it. It is very important to know about dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) before you start with melatonin treatment. It is the most effective but there are still studying going on how to give the less proportion and have the effective and efficient result.

A Perfect Cure Is Yet To Be Investigated

Increasing rate of circadian rhythm sleep disorder has made quiet an impact on pathologists and doctors to have a common treatment. Patients with psychological issues are often not considered under this disorder however, people suffering with depression are often given treatments to help them cope up with their normal sleep-wake biological clock.

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  1. When I try to talk about Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder in the office people definitely don’t take it serious or they don’t want to… its really a pity that companies don’t care