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Does Insomnia Cause Depression

Depression – A Serious Disorder Caused By Insomnia

Insomnia is a critical disorder that causes several other health issues in which depression is one of them. Mainly, in the condition of depression, the human brain gets least amount of serotonin. Just like in diabetes, insulin gets lacked in human bloodstream. Serotonin plays a crucial role to facilitate our mood. It also works greatly to influence wake and sleep cycle. Serotonin gets converted into melatonin and as it is known that melatonin is a chemical that is found in brain which affects sleep and wake cycle. So, serotonin has a great relationship in promoting sound sleep to human being.

Lack Of Serotonin Causes Depression

It is very true that in depression, our brain finds lack of serotonin. As its result, one starts showing signs of depression. Sleeping difficulties, or bad sleep are few signs of depression. In this situation, the brain does not get finely regulate as per external environment. Melatonin also does not produce in sufficient amount. The lack of serotonin causes depression and ultimately one does not feel ease when sleeping. The insufficient sleep makes a person feel more harassed and depressed. Ultimately, this sleeplessness leads to insomnia which is highly critical sleep disorder.

How Melatonin Works Along Side Depression

Generally, in the initial stage of depression, the sufferer has sufficient amount of melatonin that commands human body to sleep. In later stage, the melatonin level gets diminished that makes us wake up immediately. After waking up, it becomes quite hard to again sleep for few hours. When a person suffers from depression and insomnia both, he has to pass through same condition every night. So, the biggest sign to find out if you are having depression is the wake up in every 3 to 5 hours at night. In case, the condition occurs occasionally, then certainly it is not depression.

Treatments To Recover From Depression Caused By Insomnia

If you are determined that your depression is caused by insomnia, then certainly you require some good treatments. Finding right treatments to cure this condition will help you overcome the situation. For the treatment, some patients use antidepressants as it works quickly. In popular antidepressants, SSRI i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are quite famous. Celexa, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft comes under this category. It balances the serotonin amount in the brain. However, these are not free of all kinds of side effects for sure. After starting with depression treatment, you will see results in around two weeks.

Depression Is A Serious Disease; Get Treatment To Eliminate It

Indeed, if you don’t want to suffer longer from depression, then getting accurate treatment from a good doctor is highly essential. Without finding right treatment on right time, you cannot imagine to live a good life free of depression. Some people do not like to use antidepressants; however they should understand that there is nothing wrong to take it as it will help you getting good sleep.