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Best Time To Take Melatonin

Melatonin – A Chemical Administers Sleep And Wake Activity

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder and melatonin has a warm relation with each other. Studies have resulted that the low amount of melatonin often causes sleeping issues and don’t let a person to have proper sleep at desired time. Basically, melatonin is like a chemical that develops naturally in human brain. It acts according to environmental changes. In darkness, it automatically alarms individual about the time to sleep and similarly in day light, it works as wake up alarm. So, it plays a crucial role in sleep and wake cycle of human being. Several people who have circadian rhythm sleep disorder are advised to use melatonin supplements to battle with their bad sleeping schedule and here, you will learn the best time and right way to take melatonin for the best results.

What Studies Tell About The Time Of Using Melatonin

As of now, there is no certain cause and symptoms of circadian rhythm sleep disorder or melatonin issue symptoms, so doctors are still trying to find out exact reason behind. Though, some health studies about melatonin supplements have come with some results. As per these studies, if human body is not able to make melatonin, then one should use the supplement of melatonin before 30 minutes to bed which can improve sleeping schedule of one.

No Chances Of Any Kind Of Harm With Melatonin Usage

Melatonin Capsule

Melatonin that is a natural chemical of our body and is found in human brain is a necessary element that regulates accurate sleep. So, it is said that people who have sleeping problems should take melatonin before 30 minutes to sleep and this usage of melatonin will fulfill the lower amount of melatonin which body lacks. The completion of required amount of melatonin helps a person to get sleep on right time and thus, he can have better sleeping at night. Being natural, there is no harm in using melatonin supplement. So, use it and get relief from your sleeping issues right away.

Correct Melatonin Dose For Better Results

The right amount of melatonin supplement dosage is necessary to get desired results. Although it is natural and safe, yet ignorance about the right amount can be dangerous for a person. It is available over the counter. You can buy melatonin from your nearby pharmacies or any druggists. It is sold in form of capsule or tablet. You can also get it in liquid form. So, you can choose whichever you feel better. Moreover, some druggists sell melatonin in spray form for external usage. The minimum dosage of melatonin would be 1 mg and goes up to 10 mg. It is a medication regulated under FDA. So, it is very safe.

For Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, You Should Use Smaller Dose Of Melatonin

It is suggested by researchers of melatonin supplement that those are using melatonin for circadian rhythm sleep disorder can benefit themselves with small melatonin dose. Though, this amount can be varied as per your condition. From person to person and condition to condition, it gets changed and thus, it would be great if you have words with a doctor before using melatonin to correct circadian rhythm sleep disorder.