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DSPS May Deplete Your Efficiency And Effectiveness At Work

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is caused by the abnormal delay of the circadian clock in the body. Sleep timing and wake-up times are significantly affected or delayed in contrast to the normal sleeping and wake-up hours. In most of the cases people suffering with this often are deprived of their sleep at night and usually they go to sleep in the early morning and then continue with their sleep till afternoon or late evening. They are characterized as “night-owls” as they totally reflect the pattern on how an owl sleep at daytime and wake-up all night.

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Patient Are Often Termed As "Night-Owls"

Melatonin Disturbance Due To Irregular Sleep Schedule

In addition to the abnormal delay in sleep timings, patients suffering with delayed sleep phase syndrome often show a delay in circadian rhythm plasma melatonin, urinary melatonin metabolite excretion and core body temperatures. It is often noticed that patient sleeps his/her normal sleeping hours though it’s delayed unless until disturbed by some external factor.

DSPS Also Affects Your Social Well Being

The repeated mismatch of normal scheduling of sleeping hours often affect patient in various ways. It often creates problem in social interaction and working efficiency and effectiveness. This is often termed as the social jet lag which disturbs sleep phase for quite a long time and becomes a habit. Persons suffering with DSPS often complain of headache, loss of appetite, depressed mood and loss of concentration. It is common in both genders and also shows genetic dependencies. People with a family history are likely to get affected more in comparison to other people.

Insomnia: A Symptom Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Insomnia An Adverse Effect Of DSPS

Environmental conditions can also affect your sleep and you can be a victim of sleep disorder. Natural light and darkness plays a very important role in regulating our body clock. If a person works mostly in dark and has a little exposure to light it can also cause delayed sleep phase syndrome. Also the person is not exhibiting good sign of enough sleep as most often he/she will be going to sleep late and wake-up early to go to work or school creates a feeling of distress and depression. Insomnia is a subsequent result that occurs due to the irregular pattern of sleep. In most cases people often find it difficult to cope up with their sleep and become obvious victim of laziness and lose their concentration. It is now most common in adolescents and more than 7% adolescents approximately suffer from this syndrome. For proper diagnosis the delayed pattern should be stable for a period of more than six months. Social late night sleeping plays a very important role because if it becomes habit then it’s very difficult to overcome it.

Make An Ideal Sleeping Time

It’s always advised to have a good sleep hygiene that is fixing your sleeping time and maintain it for a lifetime. Insist on making good habit to go to bed early and avoid intake of caffeine in the evening. Make your room environment cool, calm and composed so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep and help you sleep better. Sleeping pill can be taken but it not advised on a regular basis because of its various side effects.