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Exposure To Natural Light Can Also Help You Overcome Your Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Various things can cause sleeping problems in our life. As technology and our working pattern have advanced people are getting more prone to sleeping and other health problems. People’s lifestyle has drastically changed over a few centuries. These changes have also brought in various changes in our body mechanism. Our biological clock suffers a lot and the normal circadian rhythm has changed. This has led to circadian rhythm sleep disorders which affect our biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes.

Natural Light Is An Important Factor In Controlling Circadian Rhythm

Things That Can Help You With Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Few things to do that helps you to regulate your circadian rhythm sleep cycle.

  • Have a personal body clock diary – If you are having trouble maintaining your sleep cycle, this is a good way to keep track of your times when you feel energetic and when you feel drowsy. This will help evaluate yourself the change in habits or trends in your lifestyle.
  • Try to get more natural light – Light is the main cause why we suffer from circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Recent studies have shown that melatonin is more effective on getting natural light rather than artificial room light.
  • Maintain a good balanced diet – Especially at the bed time, avoid eating big meal. At night our body energy starts descending and it usually starts the healing process while we are asleep.  So at bedtime make sure you have less carbohydrate to burn.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder Can Also Cause Diabetes

New Diseases That Are Caused By Disruption In Circadian Rhythm

According to the latest investigations in the circadian rhythm sleep disorder disruptions in biological clock or circadian rhythm increases the chances of neurodegeneration. It can also leads to loss of motor functions and in rare cases may be too premature death. Depression is another key element that is caused by a change in the circadian rhythm. Schizophrenia cases have also been noticed with people suffering with sleeping problems especially due to jet-lag. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder can also make you prone to diabetes.  It has been studied that lack of sleep can cause an onset of diabetes in your body.

Natural Light An Important Factor In Proper Working Of Circadian Rhythm

Nowadays, maintain with different shift in work people have to alter their sleeping time too. For some people night is their day time and day time is their night.  They have no or relatively very less exposure to natural light. Due to this they develop irregular sleep wake cycle which hampers the circadian rhythm sleep cycle and making them prone to various sleep disorders both intrinsic and extrinsic type.

Ensure A Healthy Lifestyle

Circadian rhythm keeps our sleep rejuvenated and any disruptions in it give access to various sleep problems like narcolepsy, sleep apnea or snoring. So ensure that you are not much prone to the new lifestyle of working at night because that can eradicate your sleep lifestyle and you may have sleepless nights. Try to give more importance to natural light because it helps the body to work in the normal way. Time your sleep and be informative about your circadian rhythm sleep disorder.