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Mimic Sleepiness Is Shown By Adolescents Whereas Mimic Insomnia Is Related With Elderly Individuals

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a common condition revealed as a misalignment between the normal sleep period and the physical social environment of 24 hours in our life. This misalignment is the result of alternations in internal clock mechanism. Delayed sleep phase disorder and advance sleep phase disorder are two most prevalent circadian rhythm disorders. Light is the main element in controlling our normal biological sleep, hence blind people and night shift workers are more prone to the sleep disorders.  There are two typical patterns of this disorder; one is in adolescents and the one which affects elderly individuals.

Sleep Mechanism Of Our Brain

What Do You Know About Sleep Mechanism?

Time mechanism has been prevalent over ages. We all have the ability to adapt to the light and dark conditions of the day. Our circadian rhythm is driven by dictation and rendition feedback mechanism that regulates our 24 hour sleep-wake cycle with different DNA elements. Suprachiasmatic nucleus which is located next to the optic nerve receives connections from special fibers in the retina which informs the existence of light to the system. In the absence of light, pineal gland secrets melatonin, a chemical which causes drowsiness and activates sleep system in our body.

Difference Between Adolescents And Elderly Individual Sleep Disorder Pattern

Adolescents have always been complaining about mimic insomnia. They always have a different pattern of sleep-wake time and due to that they often criticize about going to sleep at right time but it takes a lot of time to get into sleep. They can either have caricaturist insomnia or mimic sleepiness when they cannot get up in the morning.

Elderly individual often have different type of circadian rhythm disorder. They often get sleep at the right time usually around 2100 hours, watching television or reading a novel but they show symptom of insomnia when they wake up in the middle of night and then cannot go back to sleep.

These two are most common types of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. They have serious significances in the quality of life and it needs special attention.

Elderly Individuals Often Suffer With Insomnia

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Can Also Be Caused Due To Medical Circumstances

This is often a cause of a melancholic or traumatic process. Besides insomnia and sleepiness patients have also shown numerous symptoms of circadian rhythm sleep disorder because of their medical conditions. Poor sleep quality also plays a very significant role in modifying sleep-wake cycle. Use of illicit drugs and medications can also alter the circadian rhythm mechanism.

Be Cautious To Take The Right Therapy Or Consultation For CRSD

There are still no correct diagnosis for circadian rhythm sleep disorder. There are scope for improvement in getting the right solution so that individuals with malfunction of circadian rhythm are not exposed to accidents and superfluous treatments. Wrong diagnosis in the use of enthralling agents may prove fatal for an entire lifetime. Effective and efficient use of melatonin under supervision and phototherapy as per the sleep disorder are better options in treating CRSD.