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Having Trouble Sleeping Due To Coughing?

The Relation between Coughing and Sleep Disorders

Sometimes it happens that you feel too much agitated when excessive coughing takes place. This excessive coughing can cause heaps of trouble for your sleeping as well. There are reasons for which coughing starts such as cigarette smoking, allergies, asthma, etc. and it can get chronic as well and it is known to cause many disorders, one of them being sleep disorder itself. Coughing can simply trigger on from dust allergy. Cough can be divided into different types such as barky cough that usually triggers when you have swelling in larynx and trachea. This type of cough is directly related to sleep and can cause trouble in sleeping. The reason behind this is the fact that during the night time the mucus travels down the throat through nose and sinuses that create problems. Barky cough can initiate from a virus or common cold whereas whooping cough is due to a bacteria commonly known as bordetella pertussis. Continuous coughing can lead to many sleep disorders such as insomniathat can further cause whole lot of troubles.

Having Trouble Sleeping Due To Coughing - Coughing in Bed

What to do When Trouble Sleeping due to Coughing?

If you are facing these problems then its high time that you must start looking towards the solution of it, because once it starts getting chronic then its tough to control it. In case your normal sleep is being disturbed from coughing than you must go for medication whereas if it’s not troubling your sleep then it’s probably because of the virus that will complete its cycle.

Preventing Sleep Coughing is Better than Treating after it Happens

The most pertinent way to stop or encounter this problem is by caring well before hand. As it is said that care is better than cure and so it is. So the thing you must take care of includes developing a healthy hygiene. By healthy hygiene it means that you must wash your hands properly when you leave from restroom, you must bath properly and avoid direct contact with those who are already infected by common cold and other related disease since most of the cough related diseases are transmitted viruses. It is vital to see the doctor if coughing persists for a long time. For healthy sleep free of any sleep disorders you must ideally have a healthy body which is made by healthy activities such as getting involved in daily exercises and activities such as running and swimming etc. This will also improve your blood circulation and breathing and facilitate the defense against coughing.