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How Intoxication Of Marijuana Can Hamper Your Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is the most important element that influences the way we lead our lives. Everything in our body, from the eating habits, creation of proteins and sleep is controlled by this rhythm. Recent researches show that marijuana affects the normal cycle of this rhythm. That is why drugs addict are mostly complaining of their sleeping problems at the first place. There are many people who consume marijuana because of its active ingredient cannabinoids. It has high content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabinoids can affect our circadian rhythm and disrupt our sleeping mechanism. These changes in the body’s biological clock are visible with the passage of time and can become worse.

Marijuana Intoxication Hampers Your REM Sleep

Marijuana Hampers The REM Sleep

There are bunch of random perceptions between people that marijuana helps you stay asleep but it does not. Marijuana decreases the quality of the sleep and affects your life in many ways. It also leads to a disrupted circadian rhythm and largely contributes to memory loss, mood disorder and low level immune system. Studies show that after intake of marijuana it reduces the eye movement activity level. Henceforth, you have a less REM sleep. Some people also undergo decreased dreaming or no dreaming at all. Lack of sleep limits your ability to think and respond to activities around you.

Marijuana And Its Effect On Your Circadian Rhythm

Most youth and adults are attracted towards marijuana and its stand next to cigarettes and alcohol usage. Most people prefer marijuana as a self-medication thing. They use it to decrease their emotional stress and anxiety. Well these are short term happenings that fade away with time. It is always advised to go for alternative treatments like consulting a doctor and herbal medicines. Regular use of marijuana can make you lethargic and many invoke irregular sleep pattern. It hampers daytime activities and you might want to go frequent naps while at work and face difficulty while going to bed for a good sleep.

Marijuana Causes Difficulty Falling Asleep

THC Can Deplete Your REM Sleep And Disrupt Circadian Rhythm

Insomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome are common circadian rhythm sleep disorder that is noticed in patients having a regular use of marijuana. THC is fat soluble and it remains in your body for a long time. It’s presence in body causes disturbances in sleep patterns and you have face difficulty staying and falling asleep. It decreases the stages of sleep and with its continuous use it may eliminate the REM phase of sleep. It is always advised that you give up its habit as soon as possible. There are also facts that smoking marijuana tends to increase melatonin level but it is never considered to be a good idea. These levels are not beneficial and intake of marijuana in daytime may reverse its effect and disrupt circadian rhythm. Abnormal level of melatonin can cause immense damage to your sleep and health too.

Follow A Fixed Sleep Routine For A Sound Sleep

Many teens have developed the habit of taking marijuana for a sound sleep but marijuana intoxication decreases the deep sleep cycle and gives you lighter stage of sleep. Instead of using such drugs, it is advised that you follow a fixed sleep routine and train your mind to sleep by following sleep hygiene methods.