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Medical Reasons for Insomnia

Insomnia is a combination of different psychiatric disorders, and considered as both a sign and a symptom. Medical experts believe that there are various reasons in our lifestyle which makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. It is very common, as it is estimated that nearly 30%-50% of the people face the same problem.

Our lifestyle and routine behaviour involves a lot of things which influences on our sleeping habits. There is no certain age group which can be affected by this sleep disorder. From food to drug addiction, there are many different reasons behind insomnia. It may result in:

  • Aggression
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Memory problems

Major Reasons for Insomnia

Chronic Pain May Disrupt Sleep

It can be a short term or long term, but it’s better to understand the key medical reasons behind this sleeping disorder. Here are some of the major reasons.

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: In this extreme condition patient faces the unusual pauses in during his normal breathing process. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airways in the patient’s nose are blocked during sleep time. During this attack a patients wake up, breath and sleep again. Mostly, patients don’t even notice this timely interruption.
  • Chronic pain: Chronic pain is one of the major causes behind insomnia. Mostly, the patients inherit sleep problems from their parents. It’s proven that nearly 35% of its patients have a unique family history.
  • Bipolar disorder: Mostly in this condition, where pain becomes the vital component of the human body affected person fails to complete the bed time sleep. Bipolar disorder can restrict the person to fall asleep, hence become a major reason for insomnia.
  • Cancer: No doubt the potential reasons are many, but cancer is among the visible reasons behind this disorder. Even after treatment and recovering from cancer, there are several cases reported where ex cancer patients were unable to sleep at night. Similarly, cancer patients have complains like multiple awakenings or too early morning awakening.
  • Parkinson’s disease: It is the most common thing which can be witnessed in patients with Parkinson’s disease. There’s a high rate in the patients with PD. Insomnia in PD patients is four times high than any ordinary  case. Normally the loss of serotonin abruptly affects the cells in the human brainstem, which ultimately disturbs the patient during his night time sleep.
  • Self medication: It can also produce signs. Different medicines which contain caffeine can seriously affect and interfere with sleeping habit. Contrary to this element “diuretics” can produce more urine which ultimately forces you to urinate more and more.
  • Poor mental condition: Poor mental condition or mental illness can be a vital reason. Mental illness includes:
    • Hypomania
    • Anxiety
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Depression

Proper treatment of mental illness can ultimately cure insomnia. Obviously, when a patient is treated well, then he can get rid of itvery easily.

  • Physical or mental discomfort: This discomfort can be of any type, whether you are in some uncomfortable environment, having cold or hot. If a person is not well rested then his natural sleep habit or a pattern disturbs automatically. Human body can accommodate the normal changes, but if physical discomfort is constant then outcome can be quite shocking.

No Reason to Ignore Sleeplessness

Lifestyle Changes Helps A Lot

Less sleep means risk of diabetes, heart attack, and obesity. Insomnia is not only a disorder but a signal to such big issues. Lack of sleep can really ruin your health so it’s not a bad idea to consult a specialist if you lack sleep during nights. A better diagnose and a regular treatment can easily overcome this problem.

Suppose if you are having some psychotic problems then a visit to a psychiatrist can definitely improve your mental health. Similarly, for those people who are taking too much depression in their day to day lives can have some relive with good antidepressants. These antidepressants are very helpful for improving your sleep while decreasing your depression.

Change Your Lifestyle Now for Better Sleep

Changing your lifestyle is not so hard, as there are different simple things which you can easily do to get some sleep on your bed. You can start up with some minor changes in your prevailing living standards, whether you reshape the sleeping area or change your eating habits.

There Are Various Reasons For Sleepless Nights

Remember, from watching television to your casual drinking obsessions you can bring a constant change in your lifestyle. Ultimately, it can effect positively on your sleep if you are ready to show some care. Make a proper sleeping plan and never compromise over it, no matter what happens. Similarly, try to avoid sleep during the working hours of the day. After some weeks you will sense the vital difference.

Conclusion of Medical Reasons for Insomnia

I hope this “Medical Reasons for Insomnia” article was helpful to you and remember your little efforts can save your life and your career, if you are stuck into this problem. It can decrease your abilities and regular performance. Even your mornings are bit dizzy and tired, if you are in this trouble. The restful sleep is very important to your routine work and overall performance.