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Melatonin Not Only Causes Sleep But Prolongs Your Life Too

Melatonin has been classified as one of the most effective drug that not only helps in getting good sleep but also prolongs your life. Many experiments have made it clear that melatonin is very effective and it also helps in eradicating many diseases and helps in improvement of quality of life. It is basically a chemical, a hormone that is produced within the body and it promotes and control sleep. Pineal gland is responsible for secretion of melatonin and is located between the thalamic bodies and is a part of epithalamus.

Flow Chart Of Melatonin Process

Melatonin Promotes Good Sleep And Good Health

Melatonin is also very effective in controlling and managing the jet-lag. Its production is mainly regulated by the exterior light and darkness. When you expose your body to light, it does not produce but as the night comes and darkness appears the pineal gland starts excreting it and making you feel sleepy. At night time pineal gland excretes the maximum amount of melatonin which contributes to about 70%. It usually starts secreting it from 9pm and keeps on increasing it till 3am in the morning and then gradually starts decreasing. Unfortunately when you work late night and keep yourself awake, this process gets disturbed and often leads to various sleep disorders in the body.

Melatonin Regulates Your Biological Clock

The amount of melatonin produced is often affected by your day to day activities. Students who engage themselves for long hours of study late night, people enjoying movies at night, watching television late hours and surfing on computer also promotes sleep disorder as they affect the normal mechanism of melatonin and often you find yourself in dilemma why aren’t you getting enough sleep or having trouble waking up early to go to work or college. Relaxation is quite a necessity for the body to work efficiently and that your biological clock also works effectively.

How Melatonin Acticates And Its Funtioning

Basic Functions Of Melatonin

There are many functions that are controlled by melatonin:-

  • Biological clock movement
  • Sleep improvement and creating sleep in the body
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Free of stress and relaxation

Always insist on getting a normal sleep of 8 hours. Often we disregard this important fact about sleep and tend to work which hampers our body in several ways. Sleep is a very necessary element in the body and if you are casual about it then you tend to have more medical issues and also you’ll feel uneasy and in addition to this your concentration power gets reduced and that affects your efficiency and effectiveness to work.

Melatonin Tablets Can Help You Beat Insomnia

Melatonin tablets help in inducing sleep and it helps you get sleep at regular time every day. It helps to maintain the natural melatonin levels inside the body which helps your body to relax and feel more energized in the morning. It’s an outside supplement though but you can always improvise on your sleeping habits which will have more impact on your life and sleep. Insomnia which is major issue nowadays with most of shift time working employees can be treated with melatonin tablets as it gives them the necessary level of melatonin in the body and revitalize their sleep.