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Melatonin Overdose Symptoms – Can Put Your Life In Danger Zone

Disrupted Circadian Rhythm Causes Poor Sleep

A person with circadian rhythm sleep disorder cannot imagine having sound sleep at night. When body circadian rhythm gets disturbed, it generally creates disturbances while sleeping. Result comes in form of various mental and health problems to a person. Mainly, circadian rhythm keeps on working with the help of melatonin which is a hormone available in human brain. So, most of the patients with poor sleeping issues are offered melatonin in form of different medicines. Yet, before using melatonin for circadian rhythm sleep disorder, one should always learn about melatonin exact dosage and its effects.

An Accurate Way For Melatonin Usage

Most of the people consider melatonin as a natural medicine for sleeping. Although, it does not encourage sleep by its own; but with short term formulas, it often works. Exactly, melatonin is a kind of dark signaler and prepares mind to get prepared for winter cycle and night time. So, if it is taken in darkness or evening time, then it definitely can induce sleep or can fasten up sleep preparation. The usage of melatonin in right way can reduce mood as well as sleep issues. However, the melatonin usage is quite tricky as if it gets used in wrong way, it can cause depression or insomnia.

Diagnose Your Sleep Issue Before Taking Melatonin

Melatonin Overdose Symptoms Include Seizures, Headaches And Liver Issues

It is essential that you should diagnose your problem before using any medication; otherwise, it can lead to critical issues. Melatonin is not a reason of all sleep issues. So, if you start taking melatonin, then increased melatonin can cause several problems wherein insomnia is a common one. If you feel need of melatonin to fall asleep, then more likely, you have circadian rhythm sleep disorder. In this disorder, the body starts producing melatonin on wrong time and thus, when melatonin actually requires, then body lack it and a person finds it difficult to sleep.

Is Melatonin Dosage Amount Important

The answer of this question is necessary to get to know melatonin overdose symptoms. But, the issue is; melatonin has discovered recently and yet, its functions and amount required is not cleared. So is with melatonin overdose symptoms. As earlier, it was believed that melatonin is just a hormone that exists in human brain but now its complications have proved. The dosage amount of melatonin depends upon person to person and their complications. In male adults 150 mg of melatonin is sufficient and in female, the average amount required is 100 mg. For regular usage, you should try to use as small as you find pill size for melatonin.

What Are Melatonin Overdose Symptoms

Though, it is a natural substance, yet overdose is possible. If you take melatonin in high dose, then there is no danger in that, but somehow, it can cause mild heath issues and side effects to you. Additionally, the timely released melatonin can induce drug interactions which are very dangerous to one’s health. In rare cases, melatonin overdose symptoms cause death. The common melatonin overdose symptoms include seizures, headaches, liver issues, tremor, disorientation, psychotic behaviors, eye issues, depression etc. So, definitely it can be taken to cure circadian rhythm sleep disorder, but overdose can lead to dangerous issues.

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  1. I think you are confusing milligrams with micrograms in you dosage information on melatonin. I can’t imagine anyone taking 150 milligrams of melatonin.