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NightWave Sleep Assistant | Review

A Gadget That Is Doctor-Recommended For Sleep Disorders

It’s not very easy to fight sleep disorders without medication and stress. However one should grab every opportunity available that can help you overcome the sleep disorders in a natural way. One of the random symptoms of Insomnia (a common sleep disorder) is finding it difficult to fall asleep. The victim keeps tossing and turning for hours on the bed with thoughts of sleep in mind but no sleep in eyes.

This review introduces another amazing gadget that has helped many in falling asleep very easily in a natural manner. Also, one can create a fair impression about this product through the user comments.

NightWave Sleep Assistant Image

How is NightWave Sleep Assistant helpful against Sleep Disorders?

NightWave Sleep Assistant is a 3-ounces wonder gadget that emits a smooth blue light wave in your dark room, that turns on and off slowly. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open in the luminance of the blue-light and synchronize your breathing with it and within no time you would turn around and fall asleep. Hence the main cause of sleep disorders is mastered and that too without much effort.

For those who travel a lot, the main issue is to fall asleep (a commonly seen issue among sleep disorders) in new and completely unknown surroundings every now and then. Well,  NightWave Sleep Assistant will be your perfect companion, as it is small and handy and will not consume any extra space in your luggage.


NightWave Sleep Assistant itself. There are no extra items.

The Spotlight Features:

NightWave Sleep Assistant has become quite a “talked about” product among the patients facing Sleep Disorders, especially those who travel a lot because of the following features:

  • It is a pharmaceutical product but still have no side effects. Hence those who are on medication already can use it as normally as any other user.
  • It works by giving your rushed mind something calm and gentle to focus upon.  The sack of million thoughts in your head would be pushed aside once you start focussing on the light.
  • It is counted over those sleep inducing products that aid sounds to induce sleep. It is noise free and keeps you free from stress.
  • For those enjoying their retirement days and having issues about sleep-disorders, NightWave Sleep Assistant would become a proven help.
  • Synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of blue luminance would not only help you fall asleep but is a good exercise for one’s body.
  • It has a minutes-cycle, which when completed shuts down automatically
  • It slices the time taken to fall asleep from about and hour or half to just a few minutes. This alone is a great advantage in tackling sleep disorders.
  • As it does not make any sound it does not bother the other people around you and can prove as an add on if they too face any sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • For those who get chance to sleep only at day times and are not used to sleep in day time, NightWave Sleep Assistant will be a useful friend
  • Even if you wake up inconsistently at night, it won’t jolt your sleep, as NightWave Sleep Assistant will help you fall asleep again in minutes.
  • Works on a 9 volt battery

Positive And Negative Comments From Amazon And Verdict

The users have lots to say about NightWave Sleep Assistant. Hence here are a few positive and negative feedbacks in the words of the users.

Extracts from the Positive Comments:

NightWave Sleep Assistant Buyer Feedback Chart

“I have been dealing with insomnia for as long as I can remember, but scince I’ve had kids its gotten to the point that I feel like I can’t function.  It took about 3 nights of the 25 min program, (didn’t sleep for the first 2, but definitely felt more relaxed, and not stressed about the fact that I wasn’t sleeping yet) After that I switched to the 7 min program and would fall asleep before that even ended”

Since having an accident which resulted in constant pain, I have had a constant problem falling and staying asleep. I had used a sound machine to help, but the results were not consistant. The Nightwave unit works very well for me. When I first tried it, I used the long program, but I found that I did not need it. I use the short program and find that I fall asleep very quickly.”

Extract of the Negative Comments:

Those who found the product not so helpful say, “All this is is a light that flashes on and off in rhythm. You are supposed to breathe along with the light.”

The other quote, “Product is constructed of very light duty plastic and broke upon removing it from the packaging. The light actually does nothing but act as a breathing guide. I found myself more distracted with trying to synchronize my breathing to the light and had better results just turning it off and focusing on relaxing. Deeply Disappointed.”

Feedback from Forums for this sleep disorders gadget

“It doesn’t look like much, for $53., but I’m happy. I don’t take medications, other than a couple of aspirin, now and then, so I don’t mind spending the money, for something which has no lasting bad effects.”

“It does work, because sometimes I can do deep breathing exercises that I learned in Yoga class and put myself to sleep when I have insomnia.”

“I have had a lot of problems staying asleep lately. I’ve never been a great sleeper, but it has gotten much worse the last few months. This is certainly worth a try.”

NightWave Sleep Assistant Review Final Results

The product has been designed focusing more on the technique that would help the users fight their sleep disorders and less on the appearance and style. Hence those looking for a good looking posh gadget would be a bit disappointed but those who find it really difficult to focus and have a boggle of thoughts in mind when they try to fall asleep would find it really helpful as many of the currents users.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 3X2.5X1

Design: small, sleek, light

Finally A Natural Solutions For Sleep Disorders

The NightWave Sleep Assistant provides you with the remedy for your sleep disorders and will be your friends to fight the sleepless nights. Focusing on breathing is an excellent exercise which not only is helpful for sleep disorders but also is helpful in maintaining a healthy circulation and vital cycles of the body.