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Overcoming Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep disorders do not only affect adults, it can also affect children. Just like anyone, children really need to get enough amount and quality sleep every night. Children should get at least 9 hours of sleep at night. And due to various sleep disorders and other sleeping problems, some children can’t even get nearing 9 hours of sleep at night. There are few ways that parents can do to help their children overcome and solve sleep disorders that will not just allow them to sleep longer and better, but it can also promote proper growth and development physically and academically.

Sleeping Environment and Sleep Disorders

Children Sleep Disorders

It has been proven that the sleeping environment of a child is very important when it comes to sleeping. When the bedroom of the child is not conducive for sleeping, then it is most likely that the child will have difficulties is falling asleep. It may be beneficial if you will adjust your child’s room temperature that is comfortable for him or her to fall asleep. If your child’s room is too cold or too hot, that may be the reason why your child finds it hard to fall asleep. Making your child’s room darker can also help in inducing sleepiness.

Modification of Activities and Sleep Disorders

Letting your child engage in activities that require physical exertion at night or a few hours before bedtime can excite your child and making it harder for him or her to fall asleep. However, it does not mean that your child can’t play. Your child can play light activities when it is nearing up to bedtime. And for children who engage in too little physical activities during the day, they can also have a hard time falling asleep at night.  Scheduling properly your child’s activities all throughout the day can be very helpful in properly regulating his or her sleep and wake cycle, thus preventing development of various sleep disorders.

Television and Sleep Disorders

For children who love to watch cartoons and other television shows, as parents or guardians, you have to make sure that the time when your child watches television should not interfere with your child’s sleeping time. You should always be there to supervise and monitor your child while watching television. Television will not just cause sleep disorders to your child, it can also teach your child to do harmful things if not properly supervised, since there are already a lot of television shows that are not appropriate for children.