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Preparing for an Appointment with a Sleep Specialist

Think you have central sleep apnea? Read on to find out how to prepare for your appointment with a sleep specialist.

Most people when they think that they have central sleep apnea or a sleep problem (most common symptom being day time sleepiness) will first talk to their family doctor or general doctor. After reviewing your symptoms he or she may decide that you need to visit a sleep doctor (one who specialises in treating sleep disorders).  Most of the time the amount of time you get to spend with the specialist will be small, so it is better to be prepared with the questions which you plan on asking along with the things to take to the meeting beforehand itself.

Things to Do before Arriving for the Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Test Results: If your family doctor had asked you to undergo any blood tests or a sleep study, make sure to carry the results along with you to allow the doctor to go thru them (if you do not have access to the results, then ask that they be delivered to the doctor before your appointment itself).
  2. Sleep Partner: Ask your spouse or partner who has spent the night with you to accompany you to your appointment. They will be able to provide any additional information which the doctor may require (in most cases, people find out they have a breathing problem when their loved one observes them having an apnea).
  3. Symptoms: Most people’s memories are not perfect, so it is better to write down your symptoms before the meeting to ensure that you remember all of the symptoms.  Make sure to include any and all symptoms (don’t forget to add one because you think it is trivial, let your doctor decide what is trivial and what is not).
  4. Personal Information: While most clinics and offices expect you to fill out a form with all past medical related problems and treatments, it is always better to carry a paper with you where you have enumerated all of your problems.
  5. Medication: Also make a list of all the medications you are currently using along with supplements and vitamin tablets that you use on a regular basis. This is important since central sleep apnea can be caused at times due to the medication that you use.
  6. Questions to Ask: Make sure also to write down any and all questions that you wish to ask your doctor. This will save time and ensure that you get all of your doubts cleared in a timely fashion.

By ensuring all of the above, you will save both your time and your doctor’s time and you will get the maximum from the meeting. So make sure to take the above steps to prepare for your sleep specialists meeting.