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Problems Encountered While Using the CPAP Mask

The CPAP mask because of its construction, weight, design causes a lot of problems to CPAP users both new and old. Finding the perfect fit takes a lot of time and effort. But it must be done, if you hope to become comfortable with CPAP Therapy, and it is important that you persist, because without CPAP therapy you sleep apnea can cause many unwanted and dangerous medical conditions such as high blood pressure, brain damage, stokes and even death in rare cases.

The Different Problems of the CPAP Mask

The many CPAP Mask Problems.

  1. Weight: The first problem which many people find is the weight of the CPAP Mask. While the true weight of the mask is not much, when compared to sleeping freely with nothing on your face, the weight of the mask will be felt by new users. This problem can be lowered to a certain degree by using special masks made out of cloth, leather etc.
  2. Comfort: The comfort levels of using a CPAP Mask come in at a close second. Many people will complain that while using the CPAP mask, sleep becomes tiresome because comfort levels are extremely low. This is again due to the presence of an object over your face along with the general fit of the CPAP mask. Things which you can do is to buy a CPAP mask made of special Gels which can be melted and re-constructed according to the shape of your face. This will ensure a customized, personalized fit which will increase your comfort levels of the CPAP mask drastically.
  3. Red Spots: Pressurized air which is used in CPAP Therapy, if it leaks from the CPAP mask will cause red spots over the skin, where the leakage took place. These spots will be itchy, painful and in general will cause a lot of irritation. This can be prevented by using a custom fit CPAP mask which will ensure that leakage is at its lowest. Leakage in general occurs when the size of the mask is too big or if the mask does not fit the face properly.
  4. Soreness: Soreness over the face, inside the nostrils will occur because of the use of pressurized air. This can be reduced by changing the pressure settings, using a humidifier, and using a VPAP or Bi-PAP machine instead of a normal CPAP machine.
  5. Noise: Other than the nose created by the CPAP machine itself as it sucks in the air from the environment to pressure it, as you breathe in the air, the pressurized air will create a whistling noise which many people find very annoying and irritating. This problem can be overcome by purchasing the latest generation of CPAP Masks which are designed to lower the noise produced.