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Restless Leg Syndrome in Children

Restless Leg Syndrome Triggering Children

In general, it is believed that restless leg syndrome is a sleep disorder which only targets adults. That is a reason, most of the pediatricians do not know much about it. But the fact that comes from the studies of Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation is quite different and will change this perspective for sure. The estimation of RLSF says that around 1.5 million adolescents and children suffer from RLS and also it tells that most of the restless leg syndrome symptoms start from the childhood. So, it is said that the main target of this disorder are not adults but children.

A Brief Introduction About Restless Leg Syndrome

The exact information about restless leg syndrome is essential to explain the meaning of this disorder. So, here is the exact outdraw of this disorder. It is mainly a sensory disorder that causes irresistible legs’ move. This comes in form of an inner urge that insists a sufferer to move his or her legs. It is because of unpleasant sensation in legs that usually occur when one is on rest. These people who suffer from restless leg syndrome often describe their condition as crawling, burning, tingling or creeping. This leg movement relaxes such feelings for some time. This is one of the sleep disorders as it does not let a person stay asleep.

Different Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

You can find out the availability of restless leg syndrome in children with its symptoms which include an inner urge for moving legs and sometimes arms which is unavoidable. This urge can occur anytime may it be when children are sitting, sleeping, lying or so on. It also can occur while pacing, stretching, turning, walking, tossing, flexing, rubbing and jiggling. This is quite messy feeling of legs that often causes trouble to children while sleeping. It causes issues like pain, burning, itching, aching, and tingling and so on. Daytime sleepiness is another casual symptom of restless leg syndrome in children.

Way To Diagnose Restless Leg Syndrome In Children

Restless Leg Syndrome in Children

Though, there is no specific test to diagnose restless leg syndrome in children, but the diagnosis is only possible by interrogating with your child. Ask following questions related to restless leg syndrome in children and then take children to pediatric neurologist for his treatment.

  • Do you feel a longing for legs movement because of unwanted feeling of legs?
  • Does this feel get into worse condition when you are resting or when there is no movements?
  • Does this urge get relief when you make the leg movement?
  • Does the condition often cause issues at night?

Things To Know About Restless Leg Syndrome

There are some notable things about restless leg syndrome in children, so do read it and be familiar with them. Restless leg syndrome runs across families. Children who have restless leg syndrome also suffer from Periodic Limb Movement disorder. In this disorder, the legs get jerk or sometimes twitch and it is an uncontrollable condition that occurs in 10-60 seconds.