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Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews | Allstar Side Sleeper Pro

In this article you will find the Allstar Side Sleeper Pro pillow review covering the following elements:

    • A brief opening explanation on side sleeper pillows
    • The Side Sleeper Pro product features
    • Extracts of positive and negative comments from Amazon
    • Other comments / feedback from online forums
    • My Side Sleeper Pro review based on my research
    • Other choices / alternatives for side sleeper pillows
    • Conclusion

Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Review Image 1

Pillows are very important for having a good quality sleep. Having the wrong pillow can facilitate some sleep disorders or disruptions and therefore it is important to select the right pillow for you. This is easier said than done because people have so many preferences and there are even more different kinds of pillows out there. There are

  • Pillows for back sleepers
  • Pillows for side sleepers
  • Pillows for stomach sleepers

Pillows for side sleepers differ from regular pillows in their design which always attempts to make it more comfortable for people who sleep on their side and experience discomfort due to their shoulder.

Side Sleeper Pro product features

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Review Image 2

  • Side Sleeper Pro was developed by a doctor
  • This pillow is designed to correct your sleep posture – it aligns the head, the neck and the spine properly
  • The posture alignment also results in open airways which is very important for people who may want to stop / reduce their snoring
  • The improved posture should lead to a much better comfort and quality sleep
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic
  • It is designed with a special earwell to improve comfort
  • Is aimed to reduce morning stiffness by giving a better support to your neck while you sleep
  • Has a removable pillow cover with a zipper to help with washing
  • Is made of 100% cotton (cover) and 100% polyester fibers (filling)
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 16 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight : 2.2 pounds

Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Review Image 4 Amazon buyer feedback chart

51% out of the 81 buyers were very happy with the Side Sleeper Pro.

  • “…I love it so much I bought a second just in case I have a hard time finding another later!…”
  • “…It works it really works. I gave this 5 stars because it has been, for me at least, a miracle….”
  • “…LOVE IT – shoulder pain is GONE…”
  • “…(neck pain) For the first time in years, I woke up pain free! And everyday since then!…”
  • “…this design is MAGNIFICANT!! It is so comfortalbe to sleep on…”

34% out of the 81 buyers were not so happy.

  • “…I am unable to tolerate this Side Sleeper…”
  • “…doesn’t last anywhere near as long as any other pillow…”
  • “…You pretty much have to stay immobile to enjoy the benefits of this pillow…”
  • “…it is not thick enough, does not provide support to keep head level…”

Other comments / feedback from online forums on Side Sleeper Pro

  • From ostomates org forums: “…Putting my neck and spine straight kept my airway open so the chronic fatigue I had from mild sleep apnea is almost gone!…”
  • From smartcanucks ca forums: “…I have been using one for a while and love it, it takes some getting used to and time to find the right angle but once you do, its great…”

My Side Sleeper Pro Review Based On My Research

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Review Image 3

I did a lot of reading / research on the Side Sleeper Pro and I must say I end up with mixed feelings about it simply because there is a great contrast between the very positive and the very negative reviews.

Clearly, the pillow has helped lots of people – that is a fact. But also, clearly, it is not of the highest quality and it has also not improved the lives of other people. One can not deny this either.

Thinking about all that I have learned and staring at the Amazon screen in front of me it became very clear to me what my recommendation is:

I decided to support Side Sleeper Pro and this is why:

When I am lost I look at the facts. I have one strong fact that this pillow has helped a lot of people and now I see another fact that this pillow costs $16.97 on Amazon as I am writing this article. So for this price it is no wonder that the quality is not luxury – it is not even fair to expect luxury quality at this level of price.

Therefore, at such a low price and given that it has clearly helped lots of people I would definitely suggest people to try it because if it works for you specifically then your health and your life will improve greatly and if it does not work, it is so cheap just toss it or give it away.

Other Choices for Side Sleeper Pillows

Conclusion of Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Review

I hope this “Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews | Allstar Side Sleeper Pro” article was helpful to you and gave you sufficient information in your journey for your future pillow. Feel free to click through one of the pictures here and go to Amazon to look at the pillow and other comments. My suggestion: at such a low price, just try it.