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Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews | Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

In this article you will find the SleepRight Side Sleeping pillow review, made by Splintek, covering the points below. Just a reminder, pillows for side sleepers differ from other pillows in their special design which aims to improve comfort for those people who enjoy sleeping on their side.

  • A short word on side sleeping pillow
  • The SleepRight Side Sleeping pillow product features
  • Extracts of positive and negative comments from Amazon
  • My analysis of buyer feedback
  • My SleepRight Side Sleeping pillow review / verdict based on my research
  • Other choices / alternatives for side sleeping pillow
  • Conclusion

SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow Product Features

Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

  • This pillow boasts having the most advanced design for a side sleeping pillow
  • When designing this pillow the major thinking or aim included reduction of snoring, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and tension in the head / neck / jaw areas and as these factors were in place during the design of the pillow it would be logical to assume that at least some of the targets were met to one extent or another
  • The pillow includes a full facial cradle which aims to reduce the pressure on the ear and jaw
  • The special design of the pillow with the 12 degree shoulder cradle provides a good solution for spine, neck and head alignment which is critical for preventing snoring
  • It is claimed that the pillow is used by medical professionals in many countries therefore there is some recognition of the benefits among a number of professionals
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • The pillow’s dimensions are: 24 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Its weight is 6 pounds, quite heavier than other pillows

Side SleepingPillow: Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon

54% out of the 37 buyers were very happy with the SleepRight Side Sleeping pillow.

  • “…I cannot say enough good things about the Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow…”
  • “…but now I can’t imagine ever using another pillow…”
  • “…No more stiff necks or headaches!!!…”
  • …Greatest Pillow Ever!!!…”
  • “…I’m amazed how much this pillow has helped me….”

Splintek SleepRight Amazon buyer feedback chart

29% persons out of the 37 buyers were not so happy.

  • “…I can not recommend this pillow, unfortunately….”
  • “… The pillow is real heavy…”
  • “…the design is so rigid and unique that you need to sleep in such a way to get the benefit…”
  • “… Not worth it…”

Side Sleeping Pillow: Extracts of Comments from Online Forums

  • From “vfwnk” forums on 7th Feb 2008: “…so I bought a Splintek Side Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow and I love it. It has reduced my sleep-caused headache and neck pain almost completely…”
  • From ehealthforum forum on 20th Aug 2007: “…The pillow I have is a Splintek Side-Sleeper. I thought I was going to hate it when I received it, but slept great the first night and still going…”

My SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow Review / Verdict Based On My Research

From all the research I have done on this pillow I must conclude that even though there are more positive reports than negative I would classify this pillow as “love it or hate it” type of a product. I think the person who purchases it will either be very happy, have their problems solved or quite unhappy. It is just a very special pillow and that is a good thing, because it is designed in a particular way for specific purposes.

Take for example the fact that it is relatively heavier as a pillow. For some people this has been a negative yet others have loved it for the support that it provides.

Similar can be said about its unique shape. Some have found it to be disturbing yet others were absolutely surprised how great such a unique pillow has helped them solve their problems.

So, to conclude, I would say if you are suffering from the problems written here and you can afford to buy this pillow then you should give it a shot, otherwise if you can not afford it look for a cheaper alternative.

Other Choices for Side Sleeper Pillows

Conclusion of SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow Review

I hope this “Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews | Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow” article was useful for you and gave good advice and suggestions in your quest for the perfect pillow. Feel free to click through one of the pictures here and go to Amazon to check out the customer comments and other pillows if needed.