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Sleep Apnea Studies

What Are Sleep Apnea Studies?

Sleep apnea studies reveal that it is very common for a person to have a condition called “sleep apnea” wherein they stop breathing for a minimum of ten seconds while they are asleep. Generally, the cause for this condition is a constrained airway transition in the throat. However, excessive weight gain may also be a cause for sleep apnea. Because the airway in the throat is restricted, the heartbeat may be discontinued for a couple of seconds. The result of this is an individual choking for air and waking up in a panic.

Sleep apnea has three types: complex, central and obstructive. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type and central sleep apnea is the rarest.

An EEG reading which shows how sleep apnea studies catch periods when you are not breathing.

According to sleep apnea studies, the disease’s main problem is that those who suffer from this condition are not aware of it. Often times, it can only be detected when the person sleeps next to someone else who is able to realize that there is something wrong. The patient may also realize something is wrong by himself if he wakes up multiple times during the night while gasping for air. Other symptoms include: loud snoring and feeling very sleepy and fatigued during the day.

For most people, sleep apnea is a nuisance. It has a very bad effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. In very severe cases, sleep apnea death is possible. Getting in touch with a doctor as soon as you realize that something is wrong is very important.

A Sleep Apnea Sleep Study Will Help you Greatly

When a doctor is consulted, he will typically ask the patient to undergo a sleep apnea sleep study. A test will be done to the patient while he or she is asleep. The test is done during the night at a center for sleep apnea studies.

In studies, the patient will be provided with a bedroom. A comfortable bed should be available in order for the patient to sleep like he or she normally does. A nurse or an observer will be monitored during the night, and various medical equipments will be available. A typical device that will be available is an electroencephalogram (EEG). This will measure your brain waves. Another device will take note of your eye and chin movements. These machines will measure the different stages of sleep. Another device will measure your heart rate and your heart’s rhythm.

The test is comfortable for most people, but for some it can be an invasive procedure. Various devices will be placed on the patient while he or she is asleep. The items used for studies are not painful, but may cause irritation for patients with sensitive skin.

How Long Do Sleep Studies Last?

Depending on the clinic and the results from the initial nights, one or two nights will be dedicated for most sleep studies. Sleep studies can be uncomfortable for some people since they won’t be sleeping in their own home, but there should be little worry as sleep apnea studies are painless and very important.

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