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10 Scary Side Effects Of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep obstructs your way of healthy living. This can affect negatively on your memory, sex life, looks and weight as well. Moreover, you will feel grumpy and lazy all the time. There can be many causes of sleep disruption, still you should be careful for restful of sleep every night. Certainly, there are many side effects and no benefit if you are sleep deprived. 

1. Serious health problems

Sleeplessness is a major cause of many health problems because it affects the functioning of the body. The most common problems you will attain are diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart failure and heart attack.

2. Less interest in sex

Dark Circles

Insomnia is a big reason that kills the sex drive. According to the sleep specialist a man/woman who is sleep-deprived reports less interest in sex and lower libidos. Moreover, a man having sleep apnea has respiratory problems as well that obstructs sleep, resulting sexual slump.

3. Lower Immunity

The immune system is not strong, especially when a person is sleep-deprived. Also, he/she could suffer from cold, cough, sneeze easily as compared to others who rest for complete hours.

4. Swollen eyes and dark circles

A person who is sleeping deprived generally has swollen eyes and dark circles. This is because when you do not get sufficient sleep, the body loses its moisture and skin becomes dehydrated, resulting dark circles.

5. Ageing your skin

When missed sleep, puffy eyes and sallow skin is experienced by many people. But if your sleep loss is chronic, then there are utmost chances that you might suffer from fine lines, dark circles and lackluster skin.

6. Memory loss

Memory loss is one of the major results of sleeplessness. This is because when you do not sleep for long hours, your mind is depriving from rest and a part of the brain called ‘ripples’ get affected, resulting unable to work properly and memory loss. The ripples are responsible for storing long-term memory.

7. Lack of Sleep can make you gain weight

A person who is sleep-deprived eats a lot as it increases his/her hunger and appetite. This results in weight gain. So for avoiding weight gain, proper sleep is very crucial.

8. Risk of Death

Weird but true! Insomnia may put your life at stake. Those who sleep fairly for a very few hours have the utmost risk of losing their lives.

9. Harder to control emotions

A person who does not take enough sleep has a disturbed mind always, result in harder to control emotions and less patience level.

10. Reduces effect of medicines

A person who is not getting sufficient sleep for a long span of time may suffer from numerous health issues. The worst part is sleep lacking may reduce the effects of medicines as well.

Nowadays, due to hectic schedule people are so busy working and they do not even have time for relaxation. The tension of family and work may make them restless, causing lack of sleep, which gives birth to numerous health problems. For a healthy living, a person should take 7 hours to 9 hours sleep.