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Sleeplessness Remedies | Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine | REVIEW

This article reviews the Sound Conditioner Sound Screen Marpac SleepMate Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine and will talk about:

  • The insomnia or sleeplessness issue people have
  • The SleepMate Machine product features
  • Extracts of positive and negative comments from Amazon
  • My Marpac SleepMate Review Based on My Research
  • Other comments from online forums
  • Other choices for insomnia relief
  • Final word on Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine

Insomnia Solutions – Can Not Sleep Because of Noise, Need a Sleep Relief

Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine Review Image 1

Some people just do not go to sleep and therefore end up with a lack of sleep, however, in many other cases, people try to sleep but fail because of insomnia. In a number of these cases the root cause of the problem is all the noise around, either coming from neighbours arguing or other noises from the street. With all the chatter and random clatter it is not a surprise that a whole bunch of people fail to fall asleep or get a long and good quality sleep due to being woken up all the time by various sounds. And therefore the need for insomnia solutions are created.

Other issues people have which this product is designed to take care of include everything related to sound which is disturbing you like someone snoring, party next door while you need to study, children playing next room, etc.

Insomnia Solutions: SleepMate White Noise Machine Product Features

  • This machine creates a constant “white noise” so instead of hearing all the usual disturbances that you may have in your house or your apartment, they end up being blocked or covered by the soothing tone this machine generates. And so the thinking is that once all that turmoil is taken care of that you are able to fall asleep and remain in sleep.
  • Naturally the Marpac SleepMate Machine provides the ability to adjust the volume and pitch of the sound that it generates, because the needs can be quite different from place to place. There is a single speed and dual speed model and the dual speed has 2 speed settings.
  • No batteries are required by the machine. The regular household electricity works just fine.
  • And finally it is produced in USA.

Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine Review Image 2

Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine Review Image 4

Amazon Customer Feedback for the Sound Conditioner Sound Screen Marpac 980A SleepMate Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine

Extracts of positive comments:

Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine Review Image 3

  • “A great product, even covers most of my obnoxious neighbors’ noise”
  • “…I don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner. Shooting my neighbors is the only thing that would help me sleep better, but this is legal so perhaps a better choice…”
  • “…Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase of this item. We have experienced nothing but trouble free service from it, and we have even purchased a second one for the baby’s room. We love this item and give it our highest recommendations! “
  • “…I used it the first day we got it and my daughter slept wonderfully! We’ve used it for every nap and every night since and have had great success with it. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this item and would recommend it…”
  • “…lover snores…I tried earplugs. Didn’t work. I tried pillows over my head. Didn’t work. I tried kicking him in his beautiful, beefy, hairy thighs. Worked for about ten seconds. And then I tried the Marpac SleepMate. It has kept me out of the condo market. Seriously…”

+ Literally more than a thousand other positive comments (about 1500 positive).

Extracts of negative comments:

  • “NOT a relaxing noise for me personally”
  • “…Despite trying to make adjustments, I find the volume of this to either be so loud that it’s more obnoxious than the neighbor or that it’s so quiet it drowns out all noises but the neighbor…”
  • “…If you like the sound of wind blowing, then buy yourself a quiet desk fan or a larger one for big spaces…”
  • “…the SleepMate is a joke and a complete waste of money.”

+ other negative comments (about 150 negative versus the 1500 positive).

My SleepMate Review Based on My Research

Marpac SleepMate Amazon buyer feedback chart

All my research leads me to conclude that this is a very good product and a great insomnia solution. It has an unbelievable 1500+ positive recommendations from people who bought it on Amazon and also additional recommendations on discussion forums on various websites (see next heading below).

Like anything, it is not perfect so nobody can expect it to satisfy 100% of the people, so there are also about 150 unhappy customers on Amazon, but objectively, this is a very small percentage and we see that the vast majority likes the Marpac SleepMate Machine.

Also reading closely on some of the negative comments I think reveals some light. For example if the neighbor as in the case above is shouting all the time and extremely noisy then no machine on Earth will block his noise and in such cases one has to have some courage to go to the neighbor and have a chat or even call police if needed.

Concerning those who propose to use a fan instead of this machine I think they are missing the point. A fan, especially a large one, will probably eat a lot more electricity than this little machine and naturally you will not carry the fan with you during travels due to its size. Also in the case of little children the fan creates a draft which can make them sick, whereas the machine only makes a sound, it does not produce wind like the fan does.

Other Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine comments from online forums

  • From Canadian parents forums: “I LOVE the Marpac White Noise Machine…It has worked wonders for both my toddler and my lil one…”
  • From bodybuilding com forums: “…Others have found Sleep Mate to help, it’s an electronic device that has soothing background noise.”
  • From Constant Chatter forums: “…we have a siamese cat who likes to roam…(SleepMate) it is a great little machine – we have had ours for 3+ years with no issues at all…”

Other Choices for Insomnia Relief

Final Word on Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine

I hope the Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine Review was helpful to you and that you can finally stop your search for sleeplessness solutions. Feel free to go to Amazon and check out product yourself and read more of the reviews from the buyers.

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  1. This Marpac device seems very nice