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Sleep Apnea Symptoms May Affect Your Vision

You are feeling sleepy because you burnt the midnight oil the last night. It’s obvious and it’s absolutely fine.  But, if you are yawning constantly throughout the day, even at your meeting, though you did not miss the regular time going to bed or waking up in the morning, you need consultation from a sleep expert as you may be suffering from sleep apnea, a fairly common sleep disorder.  In sleep apnea breathing takes halts repeatedly while the patient is asleep. According to American Sleep Apnea Association, breathing may stop hundreds of time throughout the night in a patient suffering with sleep apnea and kind of incidents may last for a minute or longer.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms May Lead To Serious Heath Conditions

Normal Tension Glaucoma

Sleep apnea can potentially be a serious condition. It is often ignored and undiagnosed, but untreated apnea can be dangerous to your health. It may lead to critical health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.  Tiredness and daytime sleepiness are not only the two valid symptoms that give you a hint about the sleep disorder; there are so many others that give slight indication of sleep apnea or kind of sleep disorder in you.

What Sleep Apnea Symptoms You May Have?

Ask a few questions to yourself.

  • Does your family or your sleep partner complain you that you snore throughout the night?
  • Do you wakeup many times during the sleep or you wakeup suddenly and wheeze for the air?
  • Do you wakeup with a heavy head feeling?
  • You feel like thirsty when you wake up because your throat is dry?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating on the work at the office?

If you have answered ‘yes’ at two or more question, you may have sleep apnea and you need immediate consultation from a sleep expert.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms May Affect Your Eyes

This common sleep disorder has been linked with irregular hormone levels, obesity, and insomnia; and now, it has also been linked with normal tension glaucoma, a problem which typically occurs when optic nerves get extra pressure. According to a study the prevalence of the normal tension glaucoma condition is much higher to the patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea or those who are positive on the sleep apnea symptoms.  Patients suffering from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea should be more careful as they are on the higher risk of having normal tension glaucoma compared to the patients with mild OSA.

Normal Tension Glaucoma May Cause Full Vision Loss

It is still not confirm by the study that only the sleep apnea causes the normal tension glaucoma in the eyes but the study does suggest that the sleep disorder increase the risk for the suffering.  The patients should not take the normal tension glaucoma causally as it may lead to partial or full vision loss. An early diagnosis and proper treatment is vital for sleep apnea patients.  If you are diagnosed with OSA symptoms, you are most definitely require treatment not only for the treatment of the obstructive sleep apnea but also to decrease the possibilities of normal tension glaucoma or other possible health conditions linked to sleep apnea or other sleep disorder.