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Sleep In Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Sleep Disorders In Children Are An Indication Of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The time of today has given birth to several new events and things in which some of them are good and some are bad. Sleep disorders in children are rapidly affecting every second child in a family and the ratio of children suffering from autistic spectrum disorder is also increasing with speedier way. It is found that those children who have autistic spectrum disorder also face sleep disorders. In these sleep disorders, insomnia is the common one. Around 40 – 80 percent children suffer this time from this type of sleep disorders.

What Causes Sleep Disorders With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

 There can be varied reasons that encourage sleep disorders with Autistic spectrum disorder. In these causes one can be complicated interaction within psychological and biological factors. Sometimes, family matters also contribute to this condition. In family issues, you can include children rearing practices as it does not let children to have sound sleep. You must be surprised to see that children having development regression history face more complicated sleep pattern in comparison to those children who do not have such sleep history. The particular sleep pattern those children who suffer from sleep disorders due to autistic spectrum disorder have still not perfectly understood.

Circadian Abnormalities Have Often Seen In ASD Children

Sleep Disorders Won’t Let Your Child Sleep

Circadian abnormalities which indicate the damaged biological clock of human body has often seen in children who suffer from autistic spectrum disorder. When children have suffered from circadian abnormalities, it clearly shows that they cannot get appropriate sleep pattern because of their poor performance of body clock. So, the chances of developing issue of sleep disorders in children become stronger. These abnormalities have relation with melatonin hormone which creates synaptic transmission in the brain.  So, having sleeping issues with ASD are quite certain.

Sleep Disorder’s Effects On children suffering From Autistic Spectrum Disorder And Their Parents

The life of the child who suffers from horrible autistic spectrum disorder can become like a nightmare if sleep disorders also start troubling them. Entering in the night of ASD children, sleep disorders won’t let them sleep and make them suffer from chronic sleep deprivation which leads to affect their daytime behavior. The results of sleep deprivation may come in the form of depression, irritability, aggression, behavioral issues and emotional problems. Therefore, sleep disorders in children may put highly unfavorable impact on overall performance of children.

Treatment For Sleep Disorders Can Benefit Your Child

If your child suffers from sleep disorders and autistic spectrum disorder altogether, then treatment for sleep disorders in children will definitely provide positive results to them in a magical way. The treatment will not only improve sleeping cycle in children but it will also improve the daytime behavior of them. Their family functioning will also be impacted by sleep disorder treatment. Many studies have highlighted the efficaciousness of sleep onset behavioral interventions and problems of maintenance in masses. In case, you don’t find behavioral interventions effective solution, then you can go for pharmacological treatment.