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Cloud B Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature | Review

A Sound Machine Especially Designed For Infants To Reduce Chances Of  Sleep Disorders In Future

Sleep disorders are now taken as any other serious disorders. Sleep is an essential fuel that body needs for its overall growth. Sound sleep ensures person’s sound physical and mental health and this goes with the people of all ages, including adults, children and also the little babies.  A recent survey done on sleep declares that people nowadays are sleeping less than seven hours a night and more than 70% of people are having sleep difficulty at least a few night every week.  If these difficulties are short bout of insomnia, you need worry a lot; a few days of dedicated efforts on sleep will do well on your sleep difficulties. But careful! Do not let grow these sleep difficulties to some serious sleep disorders.

Do Natural Sounds Help With Sleep Disorders?

Since it has been proved that natural sounds are quite effective on sleep difficulties and sleep disorders appear especially in infant. Sleep disorders have affected various lives and people frequently search for some natural remedied that could provide them a little cure form sleep disorders and sleep difficulties. However, Sound machines that offer help with sleep difficulties are not searched only by the sleep disorders patients. They are frequently searched by parents’ of little children as well. Parents nowadays are aware of the importance of sleep. As a parent you must have noticed the playfulness of the baby after getting a good sleep and at the same time you might also have experienced chunky and fussy behavior of your child when the child was disrupted in his or her sleep.

How Sleep Difficulties Or Sleep Disorders May Affect Your Child?

  • Babies brain have been research a lot and every research indicates that for proper development of child brain it is very much required that the baby get a sound sleep of about 14 to 16 hours.
  • Dreams also play an important role, they stimulates baby’s brain and take active part in his or her healthy development. Dreams usually come when the child is in deep sleep.
  • It is said that first six months are very crucial to induce good sleeping skills. In these six months baby’s sleep patterns matures rapidly and sleep stages and amount of sleep are set for throughout the life. You may disallow various sleep disorders that may grow in a person at this time by allowing sound sleep to the baby.
  • Poor sleep in babies can cause obesity when they grow.
  • Good sleep of the child also decreases the chance for emotional difficulties, anxiety, depression and various others considered as general health problem.
  • Good sleep in child enforces more good sleep. A good night sleep help boost the sleep wake cycle and thus the child quickly get to sleep at regular hours.

Is There Really A Solution In The Name Of Sound Machine That Could Help Babies With Sleep Disorders?

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature Image 1

However, there are various sound machines that are available in the market that claims to help with sleep and sleep disorders. Cloud b Sleep Sheep is one among various machines available in the market. Let’s review it to see what it holds that makes it so popular that it grabbed several industry awards in no time.

  • This soft sleep time pal is a lush and very cuddly that mimics the pleasing and calming support of parents that child love to hold when he or she is restless.
  • It creates a peaceful environment around with its four natural soothing sounds. The one among the four is mother’s heartbeat.
  • A few sounds just that this Cloud b Sleep Sheep produces work as an audio pacifier that is not only effective to children but also the adults. These sounds promote sound sleep taking away the stress and crankiness out of the room.
  • Child’s sleep usually disrupt by the noise both form inside and outside of the house. The Cloud b Sleep Sheep produces the kind of white noise that block out all the noise present in the surroundings and babies easily lulled into sleep.
  • Its user-friendly operation is easy for both little as well as small hands.
  • Automatic time out facility to save battery power – This automatic time out facility has been introduced only after confirming it with researches that says that 23 minutes are more than enough for babies to fall into restorative sleep. While other sound machine only produces for five minutes or so.
  • You can easily turn it into a soft toy by removing the sound boxes. This cuddly lamb can also be attached with the Velcro strips.
  • It got acclamation worldwide and is a winner of various industry awards. Cloud b Sleep Sheep also got National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval.

Amazon Customer Feedback For Cloud B Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature

Most of the customers have purchased the product for their babies; however, its sounds are equally effective on adults too. Let’s see what their experiences are. Did they really find it a help for sleep disorders?

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature Buyer Feedback Chart

Extract Of The Positive Comments:

One happy customer who bought another one of Cloud b Sleep Sheep recently to gift someone found it perfect product for his child. He appreciated the new addition of 45 minutes as 23 minutes were sometimes insufficient for his child. This is his two years old infants close companion that helps him fall asleep.

“The Sleep Sheep has been a godsend in helping my baby”. These are the words of another happy customer who found the product best in the range.

There is another customer whose experience is amazing. He had a little problem with the product after the first week of the purchase and he wrote an e-mail to the company to ask if he could buy an new sound box. In return company revert him a mail asking his address and after five days the customer received a brand new Sleep Sheep at his doorstep. He was very excited to receive the new sleep sheep. He says “If that isn’t great customer service, I don’t know what is!”

Extract From The Negative Comments:

A customer found this product good but had a little problem with its design. The customer says “The buttons to turn the music on and off are on the back”

One more customer who is little more concerned about the noise coming from the outside sources says that “We found ourselves sneaking into our son’s room after 45 minutes to reset the machine to drown out any household sounds”

Final Verdict On Cloud B Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature

The sound machine is very cute it is loved by the infants. It is real baby sleep specialists as all the features introduced into it are incorporated doing a lot of research and analysis. Its automatic shut-off feature with 23 minute (now extended to 45 minutes) time is appreciated by various customers.

There was not a single customer who found it completely waste of money. Few of the customers did not like the design. I have nothing to say on this as design is a matter of personal choice.  On the choice of sound, quality and customer support there is really no complaint. The product has also won various awards on its performance and design, so overall a nice gift for your baby.

Why The Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep Is Suggested For Sleep Disorders

Cloud b’s Sleep Sheep has been established by two hard working mothers who were very keen to develop a product that could help babies with sound sleep. These mothers were well aware of the importance of sleep. They knew it well that for baby’s healthy and timely development it is very important that they get 14 to 16 hours of uninterested sleep. To promote healthy sleep cycle and to disallow sleep disorders in future it is very essential for child to sleep uninterrupted which can very well achieved through Cloud b’s Sleep Sheep.