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Suffered With Insomnia for 8 Years

Sleep Disorders Q&A on Insomnia Problems

Here is a short Q&A article on sleep disorders issue that a certain someone is having great problems with. First is the question and the insomnia problems described and then my answer, which hopefully will help this person. I am posting this article so that if anyone else is having a similar problem maybe it can help you also.

First, the Sleep Disorders Insomnia Question


Hopefully you can help or point me in the right direction.

I’ve suffered with insomnia for 8 years or so and its particularly bad at the moment. I have suffered with depression in the past and had always put my lack of sleep down to the depression but right now in my life I am not as depressed as in the past but I still cant sleep. I am currently doing an access course for college and it is badly interfering with my studies. I am due to start a degree in college and had hoped to have a solution to the problem by then but it doesn’t look likely. The lack of sleep is affecting my concentration, memory and among other things causes mood swings due to exhaustion.

sleep disorders can prevent you from quality sleep

Sometimes I will lie awake for hours in bed trying to sleep, other times I will feel tired within an hour but when I begin to nod off and get really drowsy I will awake suddenly and stay awake for hours. When I do actually fall asleep I will then wake up every hour or so until eventually I toss and turn for hours trying to get back to sleep but this is always to no avail. This is controlling my life and I really urgently need to see if there is anything that can be done about it, especially with me beginning college I’ve got to give myself the best possible chance with my studies.

I’ve been to my GP countless times and he always tries to prescribe me sleeping tablets. I have taken these before and they had little or no effect on me, and generally just make me feel ill the following day. I really do not want to go down the medication route as it has never worked in the past. I have also tried counselling and this didn’t help one iota. I’ve also been to a sleep clinic but I cannot afford to go again as I don’t have private health insurance.

A couple of weeks ago my GP referred me to my local public mental health service. They phoned me today and said they cannot treat me, or even see me for an initial consultation, because my GP stipulated in his referral letter that I do not wish to take medication. I find this quite bizarre to be honest and it is a big setback as I had hoped to see a psychologist through their services.

Basically I really would like to see a psychologist as soon as possible with the hope they can assess me and give me some sort of help in an effort to cure my insomnia.

As you can see from the above I have explored many different avenues and am still at square one and really want to try find a solution somehow.

I’m pretty desperate at this stage so any help or feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

<name deleted>

The Answer (I hope it helps)

It is unfortunate to read your email and see you in so much trouble.

I will do my best to support you with what I know.

1. I think forget GP for such things. GP is good as an initial contact, but they don’t know many things and often are useless with REAL problems.

2. I think it is definitely a correct step to go and speak with a psychologist, because you may be having issues which you are not dealing with which is keeping you awake. Do NOT care about what other people might think. Don’t even tell anyone. Just go and make an appointment yourself with someone in your area who is recommended and just go see him or her. I think the 1st appointment might even be free, but it doesn’t matter. Have at least 1 meeting and see how it goes.

3. From my personal experience, I work a lot. A lot more than most people. And I get so tired (mentally) – my job is mostly in front of the computer in the office. Anyways I get so tired that sometimes I just fall on the bed and fall asleep half way before I hit the bed (“metaphor”). So do you get really tired? Maybe work harder, study harder, take up physical activities and get really tired.

4. Don’t go the chemical way. Find the real reason behind your sleep disorder. Pills will never solve the problem. That’s just my advice.

5. Nutrition. Bad food makes your body go crazy. Try switching to fruit & vegetables for 1 week and see how that goes (+ you’ll lose some extra fat).

6. Lastly, there are tons of articles on my sleep disorders website. Maybe just spend some hours reading about various sleep disorders and see if something connects with you. Here is the address: //

Well I hope my advice will help you. Here is my private email <deleted> if you might want to write me.

Best wishes,


P.S. I will also make a short article from my reply to you – who knows, maybe someone else suffers from the same thing as you (of course without your name).

A note on sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are actually quite common, but people don’t like to talk about them and as a result many people’s health deteriorates over time. So please don’t let it get really bad, find the reason behind whatever sleep disorders you might be suffering from and tackle it.