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Activities during Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking or somnambulism is a common sleep disorder or parasomnia in children, however, adults can also be affected with sleepwalking....

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Adult Nightmares: Causes

Nightmares – A Deep Subject To Learn About You probably have heard about it and somehow, any of your family member or you have ever...

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Sleepwalking Prevention

Doing various activities during sleep is a type of sleep disorder referred to as sleepwalking or somnambulism. It is a very common...

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Causes of Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is a type of parasomnia that causes a person to talk during his or her sleep. The medical term for sleep talking is...

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Why do People Sleep Talk?

Sleep talking or somniluqoy is actually a type of sleep disorder. Most people think that sleep talking is normal, but what those people do...

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Common Sleep Disorders In Teens

Sleep Disorders Sleep disorder is a condition which stops you from relaxing and peaceful sleeping; this may cause dysfunction and...

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Sleep Disorders in Children

Children’s sleep disorders symptoms are not the same with the  symptoms of adults. It is very important for the children’s parents and/or...

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Pathophysiology of Central Sleep Apnea

To understand the pathophysiology of central sleep apnea, you must first understand how normal respiration works. Normal Ventilation...

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How Polysomnography is used to Diagnose Central Sleep Apnea

Wondered how polysomnography is used to diagnose central sleep apnea? Read on to find out. Central sleep apnea is a dangerous medical...

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Sleep Stages | How to Recognize Deep Sleep?

Two types of people wonder about what are the sleep stages and signs of deep sleep: Curious people looking to learn Parents or other...

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