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Adult Nightmares: Causes

Nightmares – A Deep Subject To Learn About

You probably have heard about it and somehow, any of your family member or you have ever experienced it in your life. If, you are one of those people who are struggling every night with nightmares, then probably this article will benefit you. Understand what nightmares are or what are adult nightmares and then, the fight with this issue will get simpler and easier. Nightmares can be called as disturbing dreams. These dreams have capability to wake a person from deep sleep. It set the heart pounding with extreme fear and a person often tends to conditions like rapid eye movement sleep at the time adult nightmares occur.

REM Lengthens The Sleep Cycle

It is a fact that phase of REM sleep makes the night progressively longer in comparison to normal nights and that causes a person feels as he or she has experienced nightmares in morning hours. Though, nightmare subjects usually vary from one individual to another. Yet, some adult nightmares are commonly found in most cases. For instance, many adults experience nightmares in which they find unable to fast running while the attempt of escaping from danger. Some of them see an event in which they fall from height and people who have ever experienced any tragic event like accident or attack, have horrifying experience in nightmares.


Have A Look On Adult Nightmares’ Causes

The problem of adult nightmares is quite spontaneous. There are variety of causes and factors that underlie this disorder. You must be surprised to know that people who take late night food often complaint with adult nightmares. The reason behind this factor is metabolism increase that indicates human brain that it is active. The use of medicines also adds fuel to this issue of adult nightmares. Especially, drugs related to neurotransmitters like narcotics and antidepressants usually contribute to adult nightmares. In addition to these factors, medication of non-psychological condition like Blood pressure etc. can also be considered in adult nightmares causes.

Sleep Loss Can Make Adult Nightmares To Worse Stage

It is certain that sleep deprivation can make the condition miserable for people having adult nightmares problem. To trigger adult nightmares, withdrawal to substances like tranquilsers and alcohol and medications can do a great job. When, you take up this step, you will notice nightmare frequency. Immediately discuss this change with your health care provider. When a person starts having recurring nightmares, he or she gets afraid of sleeping and this leads them to severe health issues like depression and anxiety which turns the sufferer to critical stage of adult nightmares.

Sleep Disorders & Adult Nightmares; What Is The Relation

There is a great relation with sleep disorders and adult nightmares or you can say that sleep disorders are the biggest contributor of adult nightmares. Sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea often encourage nightmares and do not let a person sleep comfortably. It is seen that people having nightmares usually get this condition automatically.