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Can Teething Cause Sleep Problems

Baby Teething Can Be A Serious Concern For Parents

No parents can see their baby suffering from any problems and if they have sleep disorders, it may lead to sleepless nights not only for baby but for parents too. Baby teething is a problem that can cause sleep disorders for you. It is a baby problem that troubles a baby a lot and makes them cry for whole day and night. Baby teething problem can wake your child from his deep sleep and when the child gets awaken, it becomes very difficult to make him sleep again. This is a serious problem and every child suffers in his lifetime for sure.

Baby Teething Discomfort Begins Before Teeth Get Appeared

The problem associated with baby teething starts troubling a baby in advance. You cannot see the new growing teeth of your baby. So, it becomes a big confusing matter for parents to understand the problem of the child. The time when baby starts teething can be varied as some children get affected by teething issues from four months and some takes time.  At the time of teeth eruption, the baby starts producing saliva more and this excess amount of saliva gathers in back throat which causes congestion. The situation makes babies feel pain and discomfort. This discomfort is similar to toothache that adults have.

Get Sure About Baby Teething Issues By Knowing Right Symptoms

Teething Starts Troubling A Baby In Advance

The knowledge of right symptoms can help you to understand your baby’s problem. This will help you easily find the best medication to help your child with. Following are mentioned few teething symptoms for your consideration.

  • Drooling will make sheets or baby’s clothes completely wet
  • Fussiness
  • Rashes near baby mouth or chin. It is caused by excess amount of saliva
  • Constant Runny nose
  • Redness of cheeks
  • Chewing toys or biting clothes or other nearby lying equipments.
  • Rejecting to take bottle or breast
  • Swelling in gums
  • Softness of stools
  • Diaper Rash

What Parents Can Do For Baby Teething

Being parents, it is your duty to understand your child’s concern and help him or her relieving from that issue. A baby who cannot speak should always be understood by parents and baby teething is a concern which can make your child feel suffered for long hours. It will ruin their nights and daytime activities. So, to resolve teething problem, parents should help their children by offering them soft and clean clothes and a teething ring to chew.

Tips For Parents To Follow

Some baby who becomes used to pacifiers can get relief in using cold pacifier. With washed hands, rub your baby’s gums to get relief. You can also use baby toothbrush to clean baby’s gums. For drooling purpose, dry the mouth and chin of the baby with a cloth or blanket. Your child’s clothes can get wet due to drooling, so always ensure to change your child’s dress regularly. Being attentive in your baby’s case, you can reduce the discomfort and problems of baby teething and can make you sleep well eradicating sleep disorders.