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Night Terror Treatments For Little Ones

Night terror also known as pavor nocturuns is a sleep disorder prevalent in children ages 3 to 12. Night terror usually occurs at the midnight when the child is in the deep sleep. It increases the emotional level of the child and he or she feels terror or fear during sleep. The children who undergo this sleep terror are mostly confused; half slept and fail to recognize the people around them. The sleep disorder brings the sense of terror and helplessness that makes the child go violent and scream for a help. In the babies the problem is usually overlooked as for them it is normal to wake up, scream and cry at the midnight. Although, these symptoms are frightening to the child as well as to the parents, they are not something to fear about.

How To Diagnose Night Terror In Infants?

Baby Experiencing Night Terrors

In the babies the symptoms of night terror vary but the parents notice them through cry of hunger, a wet diaper and waking up all of a sudden from the deep sleep. If you notice similar to this or other that alarm you for something like a sleep terror in your child you should consult it with the pediatrician. There may be some underlying medical condition causing such episode. Typically in night terror the child is found with his eyes wide open with fear and panic. You may also see rapid heartbeat or accelerated breathing, perspiration, screaming, and in the confused state of where they are. The night terror symptoms in the babies become apparent to the parents when they deal with the disorder in their babies. Panic of the baby distinguish itself from the regular waking up where they can easily be subside by changed, fed and held.

Medication To Alleviate Anxiety To Reduce Night Terror Incidents

In majority of incidents, night terror in the babies disappears by its own as they grow. If the episodes stays longer, describe everything to the pediatrician they will understand child’s individual problem and prescribe the treatment accordingly. Doctor may prescribe the child with several approved medications that help alleviating anxiety and agitation. Emotional distress which is less common in babies can be subside through Chlordiazepoxide and is commonly prescribed by the physicians.

Counter Night Terror Through Relaxation Technique

Parents are found reluctant to inoculate their child and for them there are some other ways to treat night terrors in little infants. They can create an atmosphere for the child to alleviate the sleep terror episodes without medications. Prior going to bed you can apply some relaxation techniques to start countering night terror in them. In addition to that you can show love and affection to the child to make them feel safe and secure. The parents can also check baby’s sleep schedule to be confirm on an enjoyable regimented routine. Babies need more than 14 hours of sleep each day, make sure that they are spending these sleep hours in a consistent time frame. You may also make use of a sleep journal to track down baby’s sleeping habits to determine something that is causing the night terrors.

Calming Therapies May Work If Practiced Consistently

Natural relaxing techniques can also be tried such as the use of chamomile in baths to nourish them with a calming effect. If you could maintain a chart pattern or a sleep diary for the night terrors, you may be able to help the child prior to the start of the episode. If these and other calming therapies are consistently practiced, the night terrors in the babies may discontinue completely after a long gape of consistent interruption.