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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness In Children

Excessive Sleepiness Is Not Good For Children

If your child feels problem in awaking in daytime, it may be indication of serious sleep disorders like excessive daytime sleepiness. It is a disorder that does not let children to concentrate on any work or activities, but makes them feel sleepy whole day. For a child’s development, excessive daytime sleepiness can result into bad performance in school, and poor learning. Children cannot focus on their studies due to such sleep disorders and it leads to severe health disorders. So, if your child suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness; then do not take it casually, but immediately try to find the best solution to cure it.

Significance Of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Disorder

Children suffering from this disorder can fall asleep anywhere during daytime may it be a birthday party or a classroom. The condition is also called as sleepy child syndrome. It mostly affects children under age of 6 – 10 years. This is a very young age and if a child gets caught up in disorder like excessive daytime sleepiness, it can ruin his entire future. It can affect the normal activities and functions that a child does in routine. So, negligence to this disorder may prove a disaster for lifetime.

Causes Behind This Disorder

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Many other common sleep problems in children may cause excessive daytime sleepiness in children. In these causes you can consider sleep apnea, bed wetting, sleep walking, environmental disturbances and night terrors or nightmares. Such issues would not let a child sleep at night and thus, the child becomes highly tired and drowsy in daytime. A night sleep is mandatory to do all the important task of a day, but when children won’t get sleep at night, it affects their daytime life. Though, you can help your child at some extent if you use some efficacious treatments. Here you go with some solutions to reduce the effect of excessive daytime sleepiness in children.

Treatments Or Effective Solutions

First of all determine what causes your child this issue and after knowing that cause, you can proceed further to treatments. A manual detail should be maintained for your child’s sleeping pattern. In this pattern, you should note down sleep times, duration of his or her sleep, situation in which the child sleeps and also location where he sleeps. This record will help doctor to understand your child’s issue and this way, he can give you the best assistance in your child’s case. The doctor will suggest the best solution to get your child rid of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Misconceptions Related To This Issue

Generally, most of the parents do not understand how severe this problem can be for a child’s life and thus, it rarely get noticed by them. This misconception leads a child to severe disorder like narcolepsy. The condition can cause constant sleepiness or they can fall asleep at unusual places or times. Some children who have this issue can be targeted by sleep paralysis as well. In this condition, a child loses his or her motor control for some time and it also can result into vivid hallucinations. This is quite rare conditions, so it cannot be treated easily. Therefore, parents should be alert about such sleep disorders.