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Ways to Change the Pressure Setting Of Your CPAP Machine?

a cpap machine

CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure is the best cure available for sleep apnea. The machine prevents sleep apnea by blowing pressurized air into your air passageway. The pressurized air will keep your airway open, thus allowing for continuous free flow of air.

Depending on the amount of pressure present in the air, it will be easier for you to exhale or it will be harder. The comfort level of different people to different pressure settings is different. But thankfully you can change the pressure level of your CPAP based on your needs and requirements.

Changing the Pressure Settings of Your CPAP

There are three methods by which you can change the pressure settings of your CPAP:

  • Sleep laboratories and Sleep centres: Call a big hospital or ask your doctor to recommend you some sleep laboratories. These centres will have technicians who will easily change the pressure settings of your CPAP based on your needs.
  • CPAP Manufacturer: Another option is to ship the machine directly to your CPAP manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers have provisions for this method. When you send them the machine along with the required pressure settings, they will change the settings and ship it back to you.
  • Do it yourself: Simply use a manometer and the instruction book which accompanies your CPAP to change the pressure settings. If you find it hard, then call up your manufacturer to obtain help and instructions on how to change the CPAP pressure.

    A manometer

But remember to run the pressure in the doctor or ENT prescribed pressure settings. They would have selected the pressure settings after careful examination of your symptoms and general health. If you find the prescribed pressure settings very uncomfortable, then talk to your doctor to change the pressure settings. Do not change the settings based on your whim, it can be dangerous. Additionally the efficiency and efficacy of the treatment may be reduced if you change your settings.